Flood Protection

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations uses weather forecasts and Fraser River levels from all over the Lower Mainland to predict Fraser River water levels 5 days in advance. The predicted levels are available starting May 7 here:


Fraser River Water Levels in Mission (2012 report)

As of   July 11, 2012, at 08:14 hours the Mission Gauge is 5.34 m, and the Silverdale Chester Creek Pump is 4.65 m.

UPDATE as of Friday, July 13, 2012  Lower Fraser River

Mission CPR Bridge , July 13, 2012 , 08:11 , Elevation 5.31M.   Silverdale Chester Creek Pump , July 13, 2012 , 07:57 , Elevation 4.65M.

With an improvement of weather and declining snowmelt rates, flows from the major tributaries to the lower Fraser River (Fraser River upstream of Prince George and the Thompson River) are dropping. Flows on the lower Fraser River are expected to continue to recede through the week, and flows are expected to remain below levels of concern.

The River Forecast Centre will continue to monitor conditions and will provide updates as conditions warrant.

A High Streamflow Advisory means that river levels are rising or expected to rise rapidly, but that no major flooding is expected.  Minor flooding in low-lying areas is possible.

A Flood Watch means that river levels are rising and will approach or may exceed bankfull.  Flooding of areas adjacent to affected rivers may occur.

A Flood Warning means that river levels have exceeded bankfull or will exceed bankfull imminently, and that flooding of areas adjacent to the rivers affected will result.

For daily updates of 5‐day forecasts of water levels and timing of daily peak levels for various locations down the Lower Fraser River, see the River Forecast Centre website: http://bcrfc.env.gov.bc.ca/bulletins/freshet.htm

If you are experiencing an emergency event such as high water on your property please call the Public Works Department (604) 820-3761.  This number is manned 24 hours a day.

Provincial Information

River Stations Current Fraser River water levels are available here

Below is the District of Mission’s  detailed response actions when gauge readings reach specified levels

Gauge Reading  Below 5.5 meters

General Conditions:
  • River is below the top of its natural banks.
District Response:
  • Perform routine dike assessments and inspections, dike maintenance and flood preparedness activities in March and April, continue to monitor river levels.
  • Review and update District’s FPRP, including the communication plan.
  • Begin implementing the communication plan if warranted by flood threat.
  • Liaise with businesses adjacent to dikes
  • The District’s Flood Preparedness Task Force meets regularly to review preparedness implementation.
  • Task force representatives updates Emergency Planning Committee at a regularly scheduled EPC meeting.
  • Attend any flood response training workshops offered by the province.
  • Submit infrastructure improvement proposals and funding requests to province if solicited.
  • Liaise with Ministry of Environment, Fraser Valley Regional District, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Fraser River Harbour Authority, BC Hydro, Canadian Pacific Railway, Terasen, Ministry of Agriculture.

Gauge Reading: 5.5 meters

General Conditions:
  • The river has risen to the top of its natural banks.
  • Some very low areas such as Hatzic Estates and Silvermere Lake, may have standing water depending on pump station effectiveness and rainfall / streamflow amounts. Some roads outside of the dikes may be impassible.
District Response:
  • Regular dike patrols are commenced.
  • The District’s Flood Preparedness Task Force meets weekly to review preparedness implementation.
  • Sand, sandbags etc. may be made available to low lying residential areas depending on available resources.
  • Volunteers and District staff are being trained on sandbagging techniques, dike inspection protocols, FPRP.
  • District administration staff are informed of basic flood information to respond to telephone enquiries.
  • District staff are presenting information sessions for staff, business owners and residents if the river level is likely to reach 6.0 meters.
  • Flood Preparedness Task Force is identifying staff to ensure 24 hour dike inspections can be completed.
  • Excavator, rock truck and riprip suppliers are confirmed.

Gauge Reading: 6.0 meters

General Conditions:
  • The river has risen above it natural banks and is spilling over and flooding unprotected floodplain areas.
  • Seepage through the dikes, high groundwater tables and rainfall / streamflow will result in ponding on the land protected by the dikes depending on the effectiveness of the pump stations.
  • At 6.5 meters, some properties at Silvermere Lake could have water in the yards but no houses will be flooded. Water is at the base of the operating areas of businesses on outside of dikes at foot of Nelson and Duncan Streets.
District Response:
  • The District’s Emergency Preparedness Planning Committee decides whether to open the District’s Emergency Operations Centre.
  • Emergency Social Services and Fraser Health Authority are engaged regarding possible evacuations.
  • Daily dyke patrols are commenced.
  • Some isolated low lying areas not protected by dikes may need sandbagging or evacuation.
  • Flood response supplies, such as sandbags, and Mission Search and Rescue equipment are moved from permanent housing on floodplain to temporary housing at Public Works yard.
  • Temporary sewage pump is installed on North Railway Ave. east of Junction Mall.
  • Low section of dike at foot of Horne St. (Meeker Mill) is replaced with temporary loc-block dike.
  • The District will be coordinating the response of volunteer organizations.

Gauge Reading: Above 7.0 meters

General Conditions:
  • The river is within 1.5-2.5 meters of crest of the dike.
  • The river has generally widened into the unprotected floodplain adjacent to the dikes and extensive flooding of unprotected areas is occurring.
  • Significant ponding may be occurring on the land side of the dikes.
  • Some sewers may begin to back up.
  • At 7.5 meters, several houses at Silvermere Lake will begin to see water at floor level. Water may isolate trailers at Ruskin Trailer Park and Triple Creek Estates trailer park.
District Response:
  • The District commences 24 hour dike patrols on a continuous basis.
  • Flood response commences including river bank erosion, seepage and boil monitoring and repair as necessary.
  • Gaps in the diking system, such as railway crossings are closed with fill material.
  • Dikes are closed to public access for safety reasons.
  • Portable pumps are used to deal with sewer backups, support permanent pump stations and deal with backed up stormwater.
  • Evacuation of populated areas may ordered by the Director of the Emergency Operations Center.

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