Mayor Randy Hawes said, “Since 2014, we have all been paying to support Recycle BC through fees built in to the cost of products by the producers of packaging and printed paper. Those fees have been used to support Recycle BC and pay for recycling in other municipalities, and we’re pleased to announce that we are now able to join the program and have those funds remain here to offset the cost of recycling in Mission.”

Recycle BC began operating in 2014 as a nonprofit organization responsible to the BC Provincial Government for residential recycling in BC both directly and through working with local governments, First Nations, private companies and other non-profit organizations. It is financed by the businesses that produce packaging and printed paper.

With Mission joining the program, the District anticipates an overall cost benefit of approximately $280,000 annually including collection and processing costs paid by Recycle BC.

Under the agreement the District of Mission essentially becomes a contractor and is able to generate revenue that is returned to the recycling and solid waste program.

Barry Azevedo, the District’s Manager of Environmental Services, said, “The Recycle BC program has a good record around the province and the streamlined approach will help us reach our waste diversion targets and improve recycling services to Mission residents.”

Beginning in April 2017 there will be changes to how material is picked up and sorted, with glass collected in a separate bin and film-plastics like plastic bags no longer accepted in curbside recycling, but instead available to be dropped off at a local recycling depot. These changes are a requirement of the Recycle BC program and are beyond the control of the District. All other blue bag recycling materials will continue to be collected, and will also include new materials like #3 plastic, #6 plastic (non-Styrofoam) and #7 plastic. Residents can find a complete list at

“We appreciate changing habits can be a challenge, but we’re confident with Mission having long been a leader in curbside recycling and compost that our residents can adapt.” added Mayor Hawes.

The start date for the new program is expected to be April 3, 2017. The District will publish more information on the changes starting in mid-February 2017 and will be updating the MyWaste app and website to provide residents with an easy way to learn more about the changes.