Mission Community Heritage Commission


The definition of a community heritage commission from the provincial community guide is:

 “A community heritage commission assists council with the management and implementation of community heritage conservation planning and activities. A community heritage commission may: advise local government on matters included in the commission’s terms of reference, advise local government on matters referred to it by local government, and/or undertake or support heritage activities authorized by local government.”

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The Mission Community Heritage Commission will advise Council on progress toward implementation of the Heritage Strategic Plan adopted by Council in 2006 and on those items referred by Council, appoint sub-committees, as needed, that will explore proposals for addressing actions outlined in the Mission Heritage Strategic Plan, annually report to Council on its activities in the form of a work plan based on the Heritage Strategic Plan and a progress report on the previous years work plan, promote awareness of the importance of heritage to reflect economic, social, cultural, environmental, spiritual and aesthetic values provide the expertise of a culturally diverse group of people to connect groups, individuals, and heritage initiatives

Guiding Principles

We believe: Our “sense of place” enhances our community identity, emotional attachment and pride Knowledge of our past promotes continuity: understanding of where we have been and of how we got to where we are today Key heritage resources and the knowledge and aesthetic appreciation that we gain from them are important legacies for future generations Our “heritage memory” builds on traditional knowledge, encourages us to consider impacts and influences our decision making Linking key stakeholders for respectful dialogue and on-going exchange of information will lead to creative solutions and a sustainable future Heritage conservation has important social, environmental and economic impacts benefiting residents, visitors, and our community.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference document describes the purpose and structure of the Mission Community Heritage Commission, including:

  • Criteria for Membership
  • Composition of Membership
  • Term of Appointment
  • Appointment Procedure
  • Meeting Protocol

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