Waste Management

Curbside Collection of Garbage, Recyclables and Compost

In order to ensure pickup, please have garbage, compost and recycling at the curb at 8:00 a.m. on collection day, but please do not set it out the night before – we have bears in this community. Timing of collecting the three material streams may change, so materials that are put out late may be left behind. To determine your collection day, rules and limits, please consult the Curbside Collection Calendar.

If it becomes necessary to cancel garbage, recyclables and compost collection due to bad weather and/or road conditions, residents are advised that where entire areas are missed, double the regular garbage amount will be allowed on the next scheduled collection day. For more detailed information, please see the Curbside Collection Update.

Single-family & Duplex Dwellings

All single-family and duplex units within Mission’s urban core receive weekly three-stream collection three-stream collection of garbage, recyclables and compost.

To determine your pickup schedule, please consult the Curbside Collection Calendar.


The garbage collection limit for single-family and duplex dwellings is two 80-litre cans (22″in diameter x 19″ in diameter) per unit, per week, with the exception of extra garbage featuring a sticker, which may be set out in bags. The total weight of each container may not exceed 20 kg (44 lbs) Bins may be lined with a bag, but do not need to be, as long as garbage is contained in shopping bags, at a minimum.

Residents who generate more than two containers of garbage per week can purchase ” extra garbage stickers ,” available at City Hall at a cost of $3.50 per sticker. Three-stream collection services are contracted to Remple Disposal Ltd. Concerns about missed pickups and other service issues should be reported directly to Remple Disposal at 604-820-6487 .


Recyclables are collected on the same day as garbage and compost in blue bags in unlimited amounts. For details on what’s acceptable and how to prepare it, please consult the Recycling page.


Compost is also collected in unlimited amounts. Compost includes both food and yard waste, which can be set out at the curb in the same container, provided each container does not weigh more than 20 kg. For additional details on what’s acceptable, and Mission’s Rot Pot program, please visit the Composting page.

Multi-family Dwellings

Multi-family complexes receive recyclables and compost collection services, but must make their own arrangements for refuse pickup. The list of acceptable recyclables and compost is the same as it is for single-family dwellings, however, the materials are typically collected in large, central toters, which are emptied on the same day that single-family dwellings are serviced, as per the Curbside Collection Calendar.

Recyclables and compost do not have to be contained in bags before being placed in the toters. Please do not include any plastics or other non-compostable materials in the compost bins. To facilitate servicing and reduce odour potential, crumpled up newspaper may be placed on the bottom of the green compost bins and between layers of food and yard waste. Please store compost and recyclables inside a secure enclosure until the day of collection, in order to reduce wildlife attraction.

Recyclables and compost collection services are contracted to Remple Disposal Ltd. Concerns about missed pickups and other service issues should be reported directly to Remple Disposal Ltd. at 604-820-6487.

Rural Residents

Rural residents receive no municipal collection services, but have full access to all drop-off facilities for recyclables and compost. They can also make collection arrangements with a private hauler. Please refer to “Recycling Centres & Services” or “Rubbish Removal” in the Yellow Pages for a list of local collection service providers.

Opportunities to Donate Unwanted, Usable Items to Charity

Do you have any reusable or resellable items too good to be discarded? Why not try one of the charitable organizations in our area to see if your trash may be someone else’s treasure? Please keep in mind that the items must be clean, in working condition and actually reusable. For a listing of local charities, please consult page 5 of the Curbside Collection Calendar.

Fraser Valley Regional District Solid Waste Management Plan

The provincial government mandated all Regional Districts to complete Solid Waste Management Plans (SWMP) by the end of 1995. These plans indicate the state of waste management in all regional districts and provide guidance on reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. The initial goal was to reduce waste by at least 50% by the year 2000.

The District of Mission contributed to the design and content of the Fraser Valley Regional District’s (FVRD) original  Solid Waste Management Plan. In 2009, the Fraser Valley Regional District embarked on a review of the Plan, which so far has included two rounds of public consultation. Please visit the FVRD’s website for more background information.

Approval of Metro Vancouver’s Solid Waste Management Plan

The Minister of Environment approved Metro Vancouver’s Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) on July 25, 2011. The SWMP sets new diversion goals and encourages greater recycling and composting. The plan also allows for waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities to move forward, provided a number of conditions are met. The conditions include Metro Vancouver establishing a working group with the Fraser Valley Regional District to evaluate potential impacts to air quality within the region’s airshed.

The Ministry of Environment and the FVRD have issued news releases. The District is concerned that waste-to-energy facilities may put our sensitive airshed at risk and do nothing to curb the generation of solid waste. While District staff and elected officials will actively participate in upcoming discussions, residents are urged to pay close attention to this process and to take advantage of the many public consultation opportunities that are likely to present themselves over the coming months.