Waste Management


Report missed pickups and other service issues directly to the collection contractor, Remple Disposal at 604-820-6487

Waste Management and Garbage Collection in Mission

Bi-weekly Garbage Collection Effective April 4, 2016

Starting April 4, 2016, up to two 80-litre cans of garbage, not exceeding 20 kg in weight, will be collected every two weeks. Compostables and recyclables will still be collected in unlimited amounts every week. If you are purchasing new garbage cans be sure they are 80 litre cans or smaller. Some retailers in Mission still sell larger garbage cans.

  • To access your Curbside Collection Calendar, click here.
  • To find your current collection zone, click here.

Please note that garbage is required to be placed at the curbside in garbage cans, not in garbage bags unless they have an extra garbage sticker attached (available at City Hall for $3.50 per bag).  Garbage bags are also required to be less than 80 litres in volume and 20 kilograms in weight when full. The use of garbage cans rather than garbage bags reduces animal access and litter in the community.

Here’s Why

The 2015 waste audit showed that 28% of curbside “garbage” was actually compostable, and 14% was recyclable. That means 42% of “garbage” should not have ended up in the landfill at all. Properly sorting your waste will preserve landfill space, reduce landfill greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources and help us meet our community’s targets for keeping recyclables and compostables out of the landfill.

  • We collect 8,600 tonnes of waste each year and this change will keep 950 tonnes of recyclables and compostables from entering the landfill.
  • Separating food waste for weekly collection removes the smelliest part of your garbage.
  • Research has shown that bi-weekly garbage collection has improved diversion in many cities like Abbotsford, Langley City, Pitt Meadows, White Rock, North and West Vancouver.

Here’s How

Mission Collection at a GlanceIn March 2016, an information package was delivered to every home that receives curbside collection. Follow the Collection at a glance guide that's part of that package to properly sort your waste.  For more detailed information, please check the Curbside Collection Calendar.

Put your recyclables in blue bags, and all your food waste (including bones & cooked leftovers) into a Rot Pot or an 80-litre can with a lid and an orange sticker. Orange stickers are available at Municipal Hall, Public Works and the Leisure Centre free of charge.

If you produce extra waste because of a medical condition, or if you have two or more children under the age of three in your household, contact Engineering at 604-820-3736 or engineering@mission.ca to find out how to qualify for free extra garbage stickers.

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