Mission Landfill


Mission Landfill

The Mission Landfill (Minnie’s Pit) is open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, seven days a week, except for:

  • Closed on statutory holidays, as well as Boxing Day and Easter Sunday
  • Early closures on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (closing at 3:00 pm)

Scalehouse Phone:  604-826-9008

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Mission Landfill (Minnie's Pit)

The landfill is located at:
32000 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission
(east of the Stave Falls Hydro Dam)

Materials Accepted

The Mission Landfill accepts typical municipal solid waste, including household garbage, furniture, appliances, residential renovation waste, greenwaste and scrap metal. A minimum charge of $5 per load applies to all residential and commercial loads received from Mission.  There is no charge for residential blue bag recyclables, residential food waste, grass clippings and scrap metal, including appliances, automotive batteries and propane tanks

Dog waste can be accepted at the landfill, however please be sure to notify the scalehouse staff what you are disposing of.

Materials Banned from Disposal

Please sort your load!

There is a 50% surcharge on loads containing banned materials. This initiative is in keeping with material bans implemented at Metro Vancouver waste management facilities and is intended to prevent the disposal of recyclable and compostable materials. These items include:

  • any clean, dry paper and cardboard product
  • rigid plastic containers of codes 1, 2, or 5
  • refundable beverage containers
  • food-related glass containers and bottles
  • scrap metal items (barbecues, bicycle frames, metal siding, copper piping, faucets, chain link fencing, propane tanks, etc.)
  • appliances (freezers, fridges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc.)
  • gypsum board
  • materials covered under an Industry Stewardship Plan (tires, electronics, lead-acid batteries, etc.)
  • commercial food waste, including contaminated paper (pizza boxes, donut boxes, etc.)
  • yard trimmings, brush and clean (untreated, unpainted) lumber


There are also some items that cannot be safely accepted at the Mission Landfill. These include:

  • leftover paint
  • pesticides
  • gasoline
  • fluorescent lights
  • automotive oil
  • TVs
  • computer-related items

These items can be dropped off free of charge at the Mission Recycling Depot or one of the other authorized local facilities.


Material 2015 Tipping Fee 2016 Tipping Fee
Minimum charge for refuse originating from Mission $5.00 per load $5.00 per load
Refuse from Mission $99.00 per tonne $99.00 per tonne
Minimum charge for refuse from outside of Mission $10.00 per load $10.00 per load
Refuse from outside of Mission $156.00 per tonne $158.00 per tonne
Brush and branches $63.00 per tonne $64.00 per tonne
Soil, rocks, bricks, sod and concrete debris (less than 30 cm in any dimension) $31.00 per tonne $31.50 per tonne
Gyproc/gypsum board $151.00 per tonne $153.00 per tonne
Materials requiring special handling and residential asbestos $156.00 per tonne $158.00 per tonne
Commercial foodwaste $73.00 per tonne $74.00 per tonne
Surcharge for unsecured loads $10.00 per load $10.00 per load
Surcharge for unsorted loads 50% 50%
On-rim Tires (passenger vehicle & light truck tires only) $1.00 per tire $1.00 per tire
Off-rim Tires (passenger vehicle & light truck tires only) no charge no charge
Residential food waste, grass, moss & leaves no charge no charge
Residential (blue-bag) recyclables no charge no charge
Automotive batteries no charge no charge
Scrap metal (appliances, propane tanks, barbecues, bicycle frames, etc.) no charge no charge
Asbestos Containing Material

Asbestos was widely used in building materials until the early 1980s and even later in drywall products. Drywall that pre-dates 1990 is considered asbestos containing. Other asbestos containing materials (ACM) include:

  • drywall, filler & joint compound
  • stipple & popcorn ceiling
  • batt & loose insulation
  • roofing shingles & felt
  • ceiling tile, vinyl floor tile & sheet flooring

The acceptance of commercial loads of  ACM was suspended on February 1, 2013, but residential loads are accepted from Mission residents. Mission residents looking to dispose of ACM from their home renovation project at the Mission Landfill must wet down and double-bag all ACM in labelled 6-mil (industrial grade) plastic bags, and ensure that the bags are sealed, in order for the material to be accepted. Please let the scalehouse operators know what you are bringing in, so they can direct you to the appropriate drop-off bin.

For more information on ACM and how to protect yourself during your home renovation project, visit


Out of Area Waste

The Mission Landfill is authorized to accept materials from within the Fraser Valley Regional District only. Materials generated within the FVRD, but outside of the District of Mission are accepted at a rate of $158/tonne (minimum charge of $10 per load). In order to pay the in-area rate of $99 (2016) per tonne, residents, local businesses and property owners are required to provide proof of residency and/or origin of  the waste materials.

Litter Prevention Incentive

Surcharges on Unsecured Loads

Litter cleanup is expensive. In an effort to reduce litter along access roads to the Mission landfill, unsecured loads will be surcharged $10 per load. Please tie down, tarp, enclose or otherwise secure your loads to avoid the surcharge. A secure load is one that is:

  • contained in a covered vehicle, trunk or canopy, or
  • tarped (small and light-weight items, e.g., roofing shingles, gypsum board, Styrofoam™), or
  • tied down (larger items, e.g., lumber & garbage bags)

It takes only one unsecured load to create a great deal of unsightly litter on access roads to the Mission landfill!