2016 Sprinkling Regulations

We are currently in Stage 1 of the Water Shortage Response Plan

- There are no sprinkling restrictions from October 1 – April 30.

Please visit www.ourwatermatters.ca for information on water conservation. For further information about watering restrictions within the District of Mission, please call 604-820-3736.

If you wish to report a violation of the outdoor watering restrictions, please email publicworksadmin@mission.ca or phone the Public Works 24 hour emergency number at 604-820-3761.


 Water Conservation Tips

Hand Watering: Use of a hand-held wand or hose equipped with a spring-loaded shut off device is permitted for watering flowers, shrubs and vegetables. Rain Barrels - Rain barrels are available at the Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot. A hose can be connected to the rain barrel or use the water to hand water. Please call the Recycling Depot for price and availability.