Important Dates for 2014

January 31

  • Last day to appeal assessments with BC Assessment Authority

May 30

  • All tax notices will have been mailed and received by registered owners

July 2nd

  • Tax Payments Due
  • Home Owner Grant Due
  • Tax Deferment Applications Due
  • Last day to avoid 10% penalty

August 15th – May 15   Any changes  (ie. banking information or pre-authorized amount)  must be received by the 5th of the month)

  •  Pre-Authorize Debit Plan (PAD) deductions start for 2015 property taxes

September 5

  • Last day to have delinquent property taxes and interest paid to avoid property being reported in the newspaper

September 26

  • Last day to pay delinquent property taxes and interest to avoid property going to tax sale.

September 29

  •   Tax Sale (10:00 am in Council Chambers)

December 31

  • Last Day to Claim 2013 Retro – Home Owner Grant
  • Last Day to Claim 2014 Home Owner Grant
  • Last Day to Pay Current Taxes Before They Become Arrears and Start to Accrue Intrest
  • Last Day to Apply For 2014 Tax Deferment