Property Assessments


Property Assessments

The deadline to appeal your 2016 Property Assessment was Monday, February 1, 2016.  For more information on the appeal process, visit the BC Assessment website.

Property taxes are calculated on the assessment value set by BC Assessment.  BC Assessment sends assessment notices to all BC property owners every January.

To avoid surprises at tax time, please review your assessment notice carefully and make sure the assessment value is correct.  You can search e-valueBC to compare your assessment with neighbouring properties to get a sense of the values in your area.

If you feel your assessment is incorrect, contact your BC Assessment appraiser immediately at 1-866-825-8322.

If you still disagree with your property’s assessment value after your discussions with your appraiser, you have until February 1, 2016 to appeal the assessment.

For information on Property Registration check out the Land Titles website.