Fire Safety Plans


Fire Safety Plans are reviewed by the Mission Fire Rescue Service and regulated by the BC Fire Code.The objectives of a Fire Safety Plan are:

  • To prevent the occurrence of fire by the control of fire hazards in the building.
  • The maintenance of the building facilities provided for the safety of occupants.
  • To establish a systematic method of a safe and orderly evacuation of an area or building, in case of fire or other emergency.

Buildings that Require Fire Safety Plans

What type of buildings require fire safety plans?  The answer is not very straightforward, however, if your building has a fire alarm system it is reasonably safe to assume it requires a fire safety plan.

The Regulation states that, where required by the fire authority, the following shall require fire safety plans:

(a) every building containing a group A or B occupancy, and

(b) every building required by the National Building Code of Canada to have an approved fire alarm system.

Group A occupancies are places of public assembly (theatres, arenas, schools, libraries, etc.); and Group B are those of an institutional nature (jails and hospitals).

Note that there are other buildings, other than assembly and institutional, that require fire alarm systems and thus fire safety plans may be required.

More information on Fire Safety Plans can be obtained from the Office of the Fire Commissioner website.