Cultural Resources Commission


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The Cultural Resource Commission is established by the District of Mission Council and supports the District’s mission statement: “Our purpose is to build a safe, healthy and inclusive community that is abundant in the economic, cultural and recreational opportunities.”

The Cultural Resource Commission provides the expertise of a diverse group of people to make recommendations that will shape the infrastructure and support base for regional cultural activities, services and organizations. Their recommendations will sustain and enhance the social and economic benefits of culture which includes arts, multiculturalism and throughout the District.


  • Val Billesberger- Chair
  • Jo Priestly
  • Michelle Gauthier
  • Diana Marshall
  • Christina Lauze
  • Sue Grass
  • Liisa Nessim
  • Michael Knight
  • Deborah Handley

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Terms of Reference
Cultural Resources
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Goals & Objectives

Muse Awards

The Mission Muse Awards are hosted by the Cultural Resources Commission to honour those individuals or groups that strive to make our community resonate with vibrant new ideas and creative forms of artistry.  The awards celebration is held every 2 years in even numbered years.  The next awards will be held in 2016.

Public Art Policy & Public Art Application

Diversity of art placed in public spaces is a particularly important goal to enhance cultural awareness in Mission by integrating public art into everyday life and contributing to Mission‟s unique character and lifestyle. The District of Mission has adopted a Public Art Policy.  The Cultural Resources Commission has devised a process for people who wish to apply for an art project in a public facility or space… more.

Consolidated Report

The Commission released its last Consolidate Report on culture in Mission in 2012… more