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Anthony Taulbut


Anthony was a native of Fareham Hants, England, and after serving in the British navy for 19 years he settled on a bush ranch in Mission in 1909 with his wife Rosina, herself a native of Upper Norwood, Surrey, England. Taulbut was a Justice of the Peace, Past Master of Pacific Lodge No. 16 AF and AM, Past Master Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1629, Past Preceptor, Mission Preceptory Royal Black Knights, and Past Patron, Pacific Chapter No. 21, OE Star. He was secretary of the Mission School Board for more than 26 years. His contributions were so valued that when he attempted to resign his post in 1945 the teachers, more than 30 in all, signed a petition asking his resignation not be accepted.

Taulbut also collected fees for trade licenses during Mission’s early days. In fact, he collected fees for licenses before the incorporation even took place. He related that while he knew this was illegal, it was the only way for him to gather enough funds to pay the inauguration fees for the municipality.

He also had a way with the pen, and was a correspondent for one of BC’s two leading daily newspapers for more than 25 years, as well as a local correspondent for CHWK radio station out of Chilliwack, the Voice of the Fraser Valley

Anthony Taulbut was a renowned collector and known to be cheerful with a keen sense of humour. His love of a joke started a custom that became a long standing tradition in Mission.  In 1929 after a somewhat lengthy altercation among local civic officials, it was his idea to present them with a pipe of peace which he apparently carved himself.  Since the presentation of the pipe, incoming Councils and Commissions solemnly continued to smoke the long-stemmed pipe for many years. The item now forms part of the significant Taulbut collection at the Mission Museum.

Anthony and his wife, Rosina, were two of Mission’s most beloved pioneers, instrumental in the development of our community and in recording its history.