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Mission Moments – Festivals


As part of Mission’s 125th Anniversary celebrations, Councillor Jim Hinds presented Mission Moments: Festivals.

Mission has been known as “the City of Festivals” since the early 1900’s. Some of the festivals that have been hosted here are:

  • May Day, started in 1921 by the Hospital Auxiliary to raise money for a new hospital in Mission. May Day included parades, dancing and sports, and continued until 1981.
  • Music Festival, started in 1944 and running until 1961, which was the second largest festival of its kind in BC at that time.
  • Strawberry Festival, started in 1946, in which a Strawberry King and Queen were crowned annually and included a baseball tournament and dancing at the Legion.
  • Folkfest, featuring displays of various nationalities, ethnic food, dancing, singing and music from around the world. Folkfest ran from 1976 to 1980.
  • The Children’s Art Festival, starting in 1985 and continuing to this day, provide events focused on introducing children to various art forms.
  • The Mission Folk Music Festival, which started as a one day event in 1988 and has grown to a three day event featuring folk artists from around the world.
  • MissionFest, a street fair to celebrate Mission on First Avenue began in 2011 and continues to this day.