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Places that Matter

A collaboration between the University of the Fraser Valley Graphic + Digital Design program and the District of Mission celebrating important landmarks in and around Mission, BC.

Red Mountain

By Alexandrah Pahl

The Grotto

By Kate Carruthers

Silverhill Hall

By William Van Nieuwkoop

The Stave Falls Powerhouse

By Megan Little

Westminster Abbey

By Abi Seeley

The Mission Waterfront

By Ruofei Zhang

Sadie Anne McMurray Antiques

By Robyn Bessenger

The Clarke Theatre

By Luvian He

Mt. Mary Anne

By Robert Sweeney

Ferncliff Gardens

By Tanya McMillan

Rocko’s Diner

By Raili McGhee

Fraser River Heritage Park

By Kelsea Rice

Sadie Anne McMurray Antiques

By Romana Osborne

The Mission Harbour

By Audrey Lemond

The Mission Post Office

By Anjuman Grewal

Steelhead Falls

By Emily Gauthier

The Mission Raceway

By Matt Froese

The Ruskin Dam

By Amanda Fay

Xa:ytem Interpretive Centre

By Emily Koenig

Stave Lake

By Dylan DuSange

Bear Mountain Trails

By Juliana Bermudez

Blind Slough Dam

By Mei Noftle

The Mission Arts Council

By Dylaina Gollub

The Mighty Fraser River

By Olivia Antonello