City Logo


In early 2023, the City of Mission introduced a new logo featuring the base of a western red cedar tree as an integral part of Mission’s identity. The presentation of the abstract cedar trunk gives the icon an immersive perspective.

There are many threads that tie the western red cedar to Mission’s story.


The Western Red Cedar


Entwined with nature and wilderness

Overwhelmingly, we heard from the community that one of the strongest assets that made Mission special was the abundance of trails to hike and bike on, allowing residents quick access to the forested mountain wilderness in their backyard.

As one moves through the forest, the sight of the cedar trunk is a familiar one, whether one is travelling on foot or on a bike.

A long, impressive history

First Nations used the cedar in everyday life. They used it for building houses and canoes, carving totem poles, and making baskets, mats, and clothing.

The cedar also nods to the early forestry industry in Mission, which included a thriving shingle mill on Stave River that was the largest shingle mill in BC in the 1930s.

Today, there is a renewed focus on preserving the cedars and old growth forests, and the Mission Municipal Forest is leading the way. In a move to return western red cedar back to the land for continuing Indigenous uses, the City’s planting program is focused on planting cedar on its preferred growing sites. The City’s silviculture program regularly plants tens of thousands of cedars each year, reflecting a major shift towards stewardship, sustainability, and community pride in our forests.

A symbol of strength, resilience, renewal, and growth

The cedar instills a sense of durability and resilience. Its enduring wood qualities can withstand the wet harsh climate of the west coast rain forest. It’s why the cedar is so coveted to build with. The tree also represents growth and rebirth – it’s constantly reforming itself from fallen trees and nursing stumps.

The towering western red cedars also have a specific and enviable presence that other trees in the forest do not. In an aspirational way, this stature represents Mission’s envisioned future.


Implementation Approach

Logo touchpoints will be updated gradually and during normal lifecycle replacement opportunities to be most cost-effective.


Logo Use

Third parties must have explicit permission to use the City of Mission logo in any format. For permission to use the City of Mission’s logo, please email with details about your project or initiative.