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The District of Mission is seeking applications for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee for a three year term beginning in March 2021. The Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council as well as Parks, Recreation & Culture staff on matters related to the development and operation of parks, trails, open spaces and recreational programming in the District.

The Committee is seeking members with experience and expertise related to parks, trails, recreation programs, youth issues and sustainability. The Committee will have a maximum of 9 voting members who are knowledgeable about the community and can work cooperatively to further the mandate of the Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture Department.

All members are appointed by Council to serve. If you have knowledge and experience in areas related to parks, recreation and trails and an interest to serve your community, please complete and submit an application.

To Apply
Click here to complete the application form

A completed copy of the form can be emailed to Maureen Sinclair, Director Parks, Recreation & Culture at: or drop off the completed form to the Leisure Centre at 7650 Grand St.