Building Permits

Building permits help ensure construction meets BC building safety codes and the City’s zoning regulations. Every owner, or their agent, needs a permit prior to starting construction on their property.

All construction must conform to the current BC Building Code and Building Bylaw 3590-2003.

Regulations and Forms required for Building Permits can be found on the Regulations and Forms page.

Pre-Application Review

Effective immediately, the City is implementing a building permit ‘pre-application review’ prior to accepting a formal application.

The City will review all submissions prior to accepting a formal building permit application to ensure:

  1. The application is complete; and
  2. The applicant understands all that is needed to assess a building permit.

Please note: Incomplete submissions will be granted a secondary review, if it is still deemed incomplete any further submissions will go at the back of the queue.


General guidelines are available for applying for a permit for each of the following categories:

Home renovation project

Building Permit Wait Times

The Building Division provides regular updates on permit wait times. The City of Mission is a growing community. With this growth, the Building Division has seen an increase in applications.