Crosswalk & Sidewalk Construction

Crosswalk on Stave Lake


June 6, 2024 - BA Blacktop was awarded the construction contract for the Crosswalk and Sidewalk Upgrades. The contractor is working on pre-construction activities with an expected start date of June 17th.

Project Overview

The City initiated several projects to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety on roads in Mission in 2023. Three existing crosswalks are to be upgraded by adding push-button activated flashing beacons at:

  • Hurd Street at Hillcrest Avenue
  • Hurd Street at Lamont Avenue (will include curb extensions)
  • Hurd Street at McRae Avenue

A new sidewalk will be constructed on Silverdale Avenue from just west of Rook Crescent to Wren Street, on the south side of the road.