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What is an Official Community Plan?

Mission’s Official Community Plan (OCP) is a vision for the future and a roadmap for shaping the look and feel of the city as it grows and accommodates new residents and development. It ultimately helps guide decisions regarding the location of new housing, commercial, employment, parks, trails and other land uses. It will determine how people can get around whether it be by bike, walking and car. 

The OCP provides guidance for Council, residents, developers and all those who help build our city, ensuring that decisions align with resident and Council priorities and a clear and transparent future vision of the community that all groups work towards.

How Does the City Use the OCP?

The OCP is a community and Council plan that will tell us what important challenges and opportunities the City is facing. The OCP is a high-level document that considers many different parts of how our city works, from roads to parks to healthcare to education and beyond. 

Engagement Process

As a community centric plan, public input is critical, so we want to hear from you! 

The OCP Update is a year-long planning and community engagement process with several opportunities at all project development phases for the public to be heard. Please tell us what you think and help shape the future of Mission. All input received will be reviewed to help determine the priorities and directions of the OCP Update. 

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Project Timeline

The OCP Update is a year-long, multi-phased project. The following timeline provides an overview of what the project team will be doing at each phase and how you can get involved.

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Project Start-up (We Are Here)

March 2024 - April 2024

Review current Official Community Plan and other strategic plans, as well as present project to Council during a Special Meeting on March 24, 2024.
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Engagement: Aligning Directions

Spring 2024

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OCP research

Research & Design

April 2024 - June 2024

Research other City of Mission plans and strategy.
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Engagement: Big Moves

Fall 2024

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Draft Official Community Plan

June - October 2024

Bringing it all together.
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Engagement: Draft OCP

Winter 2024 - 2025

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