Filming in Mission, BC

Situated on a hillside overlooking the mighty Fraser River, the City of Mission offers a variety of unique natural and man-made venues for filming. Previous films in Mission have used the historic main street, 1950’s diner, waterfront, Municipal Forest, sawmills and the Ruskin and Stave Falls Hydro Dams.  Many more site location possibilities exist in Mission. While Mission promotes film productions, we encourage activities that have a low impact on residents and businesses.  Mission requires that production companies practice “no trace filming” that will leave the area used as is or in better condition than before.  Specific fees are listed in the Filming Regulation Bylaw 5750-2018 or other municipal bylaws.

The City of Mission’s Film Liaison can assist with location scouting, inquiries, and will process the necessary permits. They will also coordinate with the various City departments to ensure a successful film shoot. The Forestry Department assists with questions regarding filming opportunities within the Municipal Forest.

Getting Started

All approvals are conditional on meeting these Guidelines where applicable and any additional conditions stipulated in the Film Permit. Fees are set in Schedule D of the Filming Regulation Bylaw and are listed in these Guidelines for convenience only. The film production company must provide the following:

  • Completed Application Form and fee
  • Documentation showing appropriate insurance
  • Valid Business Licence
  • Security Deposit
  • Street Use Permit Application, if applicable
  • Filming Schedule
  • Approvals from any regional, provincial, or federal agency
  • Neighbourhood Polling (special conditions of approval may apply when filming affects surrounding homes and businesses, please see Notification to the Community)
  • Any additional approvals, licences or permits, as may be required (e.g.: Licence of Use)
  • Proof that the Mission Fire Rescue Service (MFRS) have been consulted with is required regarding the use of certain special effects (if applicable).  MFRS has the right to veto special effects or impose specific conditions.
  • Confirmation of Downtown Business Association notification (if applicable)
  • Special Flight Operations Certificate (if applicable)
  • Completed Wrap Sheet

The City of Mission will determine if any additional permits or special conditions of approval are necessary.