Mission Waterfront Implementation

The City of Mission is committed to the revitalization of the Mission Waterfront. Encompassing 296 acres of land and stretching 3.5km of frontage along the Fraser River, it is envisioned as a vibrant hub of activities, places to live, industry, and commerce to support a resilient and complete community. And it’s happening now! 

Project Update

Mission Waterfront is coming to life, right before our eyes. Watch this video to learn about the progress to date.

Mission’s waterfront represents a significant opportunity to establish a positive, meaningful connection with the Fraser River that redefines these underutilized lands as a premier place to live, work and play in a growing region.

Revitalizing the waterfront has many benefits that extend beyond Mission to the rest of the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland and will increase access to opportunities, support sustainability, and drive investment and bold economic development.

The Plan

Mission is undergoing a generational transformation and it’s all coming together
at the Waterfront. There has never been such momentum and energy behind revitalization, with fundamental changes already taking place.

The time is right to create new jobs, embrace the City’s new urban heartbeat, and build a renewed connection with nature right here on our Waterfront. Read the full master plan.

How We Got Here

Initiated in 2020, the Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan process started with a vision to reactivate underutilized lands as a vibrant hub of activities, residences, industry, and commerce to support a resilient and complete community.

Drawing from the examples, experiences, and insights gathered from successful waterfront revitalization projects from around the world, Mission’s plan is well-grounded in technical analysis and financial feasibility to unlock the potential of the waterfront to serve Mission and the Fraser Valley for generations to come.

What's Happening Now

Waterfronts are long-term projects that require significant coordination and long-term commitment. Given the constraints of the area, no one landowner can revitalize successfully on their own – it will require coordination.

Implementation is Already Underway

  • Lands around the Mission Bridge have been raised to support development
  • Detailed designs are in progress for the Lane Creek Pump Station replacement, the east end dike, and select utilities
  • The Province kicked off the South Mission Integrated Planning Study that will result in recommendations and drawings for future transportation improvements