The following bylaws are those most frequently requested by members of the public. Every effort is made to provide the most up-to-date version of these bylaws.  If the bylaw you are inquiring about is currently under review or being amended, this version may be out of date.

Please note:  Persons viewing these bylaws in this format are cautioned that the bylaws presented should not, in any case, be relied upon for legal purposes or to make important decisions.

Most of the documents presented are in the form of “consolidated bylaws”. The term “consolidated bylaw” simply means that the document represents the bylaw in its most recently amended form. The document does not represent all of the different iterations of any bylaw, which may be amended several times over its life.

Consolidated bylaws are reproduced for convenience only. Persons viewing these documents are cautioned that they are representative only. Each consolidated bylaw consists of the original, or base, bylaw and current amendments which have been made to the base bylaw. Copies of the base bylaw, and all amending bylaws, are available for review at the Municipal Hall, during normal business hours – an appointment may be necessary. The bylaws presented may also only be a portion of the total document. Some bylaws, such as the Official Community Plan Bylaw or the Zoning Bylaw, include the text – which is provided – as well as reference plans and/or maps, which are not currently reproduced on the web site.

Bylaw Enforcement 

Bylaw Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3727 • Fax: 604-826-7951

The Bylaw Enforcement Division of the Development Services Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the various regulatory bylaws of the City. Some of the areas of responsibility include: complaints, parking enforcement, and licensing.

The Bylaw Enforcement Division seeks to gain compliance with municipal regulatory bylaw requirements through a variety of methods, including: community education, voluntary compliance on a case-by-case basis, and formal legal proceedings (such as tickets) if voluntary compliance is not achieved. For traffic violations, tickets may be issued without a previous warning. Drivers are expected to familiarize themselves with all street, traffic and parking laws and regulations within the City of Mission.

Enforcement of the City of Mission bylaws is generally a complaint generated system, with the exception of imminent life safety issues.

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