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Defining Culture


• a set of learned beliefs, values, behaviours and activities
• a way of life shared by a society.
• patterns of human activity and the symbolic structure that gives such activity significance.
• respect and value of diverse experiences
• opportunities for respectful discourse
• expressions of diversity, including our shared beliefs, customs, rituals and values
• can only be understood through discussion, dialogue and debate.

Cultural resources

• the arts, multiculturalism, and heritage
• creative expression, display and activities in a community
• institutions, libraries, museums, galleries, public parks, schools, and community places and groups
• cultural resource

Cultural Resource Planning

• a process of inclusive community consultation and decision-making
• helps local government to identify current and future priorities
• thinking strategically about how these resources can help the community to achieve its civic goals.
• policy and practices that reflect the beliefs, experiences and creative aspirations of people in the City of Mission and surrounding communities.

The Arts

The arts include visual art (painting, print-making, drawing, sculpture, crafts, photography), film and video; theatre; music, literary arts; and dance.  The arts encompass original composition, creative interpretation, and facsimile reproduction and distribution.


Heritage is those things from the community’s past that we value, including archaeological sites and artifacts, museums, archives, buildings, City landscapes, oral history and the traditions passed on to future generations.


Multi-culturalism is the sharing of ethnic cultural tradition within the community