Cultural Management Plan


Goals & Objectives

Promote the image of the City as a community in which our citizens take pride and celebrate our heritage and our diversity; an artist-friendly community which is known for its community involvement, partnerships, and sharing.

Governance Strategy – Manage our Cultural Assets

• Communication – responsibility & roles
• Policy & Implementation
• Budget & Financial Policy

Operations Strategy – Maximize our Opportunities and Resources
• Cultural Services: Programs & Opportunities
• Facilities: including display spaces, use existing buildings, new cultural facilities
• Community Collaboration and partnerships – include outlying areas
• Employment: Economic Opportunity & Training

Promotions Strategy – Expand Awareness & Market our Cultural Resources
• Community Awareness
• Inclusion: access and opportunities for all
• Cultural tourism



Goal 1:  Establish and maintain communication between the Council, City staff, and the cultural community

a)  Appoint the Cultural Resources Select Committee to ensure effective two-way dialogue;
b)  Organize and host semi-annual meetings among cultural service providers to identify
changing needs, priorities, opportunities and new initiatives.

Goal 2:  Incorporate consideration of Culture into all aspects of City Policy, planning, and development

a)  Annually review and update the City’s Culture Policy which guides its arts, heritage and multicultural activities;
b)  Develop a Public Art Acquisition Policy, with input from Mission residents, the Cultural
community, municipal staff and the private sector;
c)  Pro-actively promote a public art program including purchasing and displaying visual art and
supporting performances in a wide variety of public locations.

Goal 3:  Designate finances that will provide sustained funding for all cultural initiatives

a)  Allocate Operating funds for the Cultural Resources Select Committee;
b)  Recommend clear policy for allocating current grants funding (Grants in Aid) for Culture & Arts
to ensure accountability, public understanding, and equity in allocating grants;
c)  Make information available about additional funding opportunities for Mission’s cultural services and facilities
d)  Recommend that the City establish and support an Art Trust Fund to ensure that art will be
purchased and displayed by the City;
e)  Designate an annual budget for Art acquisition at a minimum of one percent (1%) of a
building’s capital construction budget for City funded public buildings.

Goal 4:  Increase community cultural opportunities, programming and access

a)  Continue to identify and develop opportunities by expanding programs and services
to previously under-served individuals, groups and geographic communities;
b)  Encourage participation by all residents regardless of background, finances,
interests, ability, or other factors which may restrict their access;
c)  Encourage expansion of cultural extension programs into public schools;
d)  Encourage and expand partnerships between agencies, cultural service providers and the City;
e)  Expand Awards program to recognize outstanding contributions to Mission’s cultural life –
including multicultural understanding & services, literary awards, and other areas;
f)  Encourage bus services to support attendance at cultural events – scheduling, drop
off and pick up in safe locations, extend to evening/ event hours.

Goal 5:  Expand options for delivery of cultural opportunities through community
collaboration and partnership, and include services to outlying areas

a)  Employ a Cultural Development staff person to work with community cultural groups and the public;
b)  Support creation of a Heritage Inventory & Register of Mission’s valued spaces, places, and buildings and oral history;
c)  Identify alternative and non-traditional locations that can be utilized for presentation of cultural activities,
such as community halls, public schools, and other community locations, both indoors and outdoors;
d)  Assess the benefits and challenges of mobile service to outlying areas modeled after Literacy Task Force
van/bus and support outreach.

Goal 6:  Develop facilities to meet needs of current residents and for future growth and development

a)  Re-establish the Sports Hall of Fame or Wall of Fame;
b)  Develop a municipal Cultural Centre;
c)  Develop a new Museum facility;
d)  Expand accessibility and use of outdoor performance spaces, including the City-owned portable stage;
e)  Incorporate cultural spaces, features and buildings in the development and planning of all City
of Mission facilities including display and performance space, office and meeting spaces, etc.

Goal 7:  Improve awareness of the many unique expressions of our culture in order to increase participation by residents and visitors and to recognize the substantial economic contribution of Cultural activities and products

a)  Conduct market research to assess community awareness of existing cultural opportunities and
identify gaps and opportunities that are being missed;
b)  Use City publications to promote culture, including arts, heritage, multiculturalism;
c)  Market the products of culture;
d)  Enhance employment and training in culture including arts and heritage sectors;
e)  Provide mentoring and skills exchange programs for artists in order to enhance business skills.

Goal 8:  Acknowledge, document and promote the development of cultural tourism, recognizing the economic impact that benefits the wider community

a)  Showcases culture in marketing, tourism promotion, and economic and investment initiatives;
b) Foster partnerships with business, marketing consortiums, arts groups and governments to develop the cultural tourism sector;
c)  Encourage visitors to extend their stay in Mission and surrounding communities on the north side of the Fraser.