Mission Community Heritage Commission


The Commission advises Council on progress toward implementation of the Heritage Strategic Plan; promotes awareness of the importance of heritage; and provides the expertise of a culturally diverse group of people to connect the individuals, groups and heritage initiatives in Mission BC Canada.

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History of the Commission

Established by Council in January of 2007, the City of Mission Community Heritage Commission held its inaugural meeting on March 28th, 2007. The Commission is comprised of a representative/liaison from Mission Council and members from the Community-at-Large appointed by the Mayor & Council.

Ken Hood (Chair)
Shelley Carter (Alternate)
Pamela Hilton-Herar
Patrick Hamilton
Charlotte Lightburn
Tim Pippus
Kim Sutherland

Council Liaison
Ken Herar
Danny Plecas (Alternate)

Staff Liaison
Mike Dickinson (email: mdickinson@mission.ca)
Manager of Long Range Planning and Special Projects

Contact the Mission Community Heritage Commission at planning@mission.ca or call 604-820-3748

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Guiding Principles
  • We believe: Our “sense of place” enhances our community identity, emotional attachment and pride
  • Knowledge of our past promotes continuity: understanding of where we have been and of how we got to where we are today
  • Key heritage resources and the knowledge and aesthetic appreciation that we gain from them are important legacies for future generations
  • Our “heritage memory” builds on traditional knowledge, encourages us to consider impacts and influences our decision making
  • Linking key stakeholders for respectful dialogue and on-going exchange of information will lead to creative solutions and a sustainable future
  • Heritage conservation has important social, environmental and economic impacts benefiting residents, visitors, and our community



The Mission Community Heritage Commission will:

  • advise Council on progress toward implementation of the Heritage Strategic Plan adopted by Council in 2006 and on those items referred by Council,
  • appoint sub-committees, as needed, that will explore proposals for addressing actions outlined in the Mission Heritage Strategic Plan,
  • annually report to Council on its activities in the form of a work plan based on the Heritage Strategic Plan and a progress report on the previous years work plan,
  • promote awareness of the importance of heritage to reflect economic, social, cultural, environmental, spiritual and aesthetic values provide the expertise of a culturally diverse group of people to connect groups, individuals, and heritage initiatives

Review the Strategic Plan Here

Appendices A to K (Heritage Strategic Plan 2006)

Notice of Meeting

The next Heritage Commission meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2023 at 6:00 pm. 

The Commission invites you to join the meeting via Zoom or in-person at the City Hall Council Chambers located at 8645 Stave Lake Street, Mission.

Please contact Planning at 604-820-3748 or by email at planning@mission.ca for details


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January 2, 2019

February 6 2019

March 6 2019

April 3, 2019

May 15, 2019

June 12, 2019 – no quorum

July – no meeting held

August – no meeting held

September – no meeting held

October 2, 2019 – no quorum

November 6, 2019 – no quorum

December 4, 2019




Resources & Education

Heritage BC provides a wealth of resources on their website heritagebc.ca

“These tools are the means to effectively manage community heritage resources to better integrate heritage conservation in planning. The goal of these resource guides is to support the formation and ongoing work of community heritage conservation through research, guidelines, and standards. By understanding best practices and lessons learned, improved interpretation and implementation is possible.”

Here are some of the resource guides provided by Heritage BC:

Community Heritage Commissions

Community Heritage Registers

Check out more resources here: https://heritagebc.ca/heritage-quick-studies/


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference document describes the purpose and structure of the Mission Community Heritage Commission, including:

  • Criteria for Membership
  • Composition of Membership
  • Term of Appointment
  • Appointment Procedure
  • Meeting Protocol

Review the Terms of Reference Here

Heritage Context Study – Identifying Heritage

Context studies are designed to honour how a community evolved over time, and how distinctive events and eras of history have shaped what the community is today. By undertaking a context study, the community recognizes that the significant elements of its past (as seen in its historic places) need not be sacrificed in order for development and change to continue.” BC Heritage Branch, Guidelines for Implementing Context Studies and Values-Based Management of Historic Places.”

In June 2016, the Heritage Commission developed Mission’s Context Study (a Report to Guide the Development of Mission’s Heritage Planning Program). The purpose of the study was to identify the major themes and historical processes that will influence development of the community. This document was developed by the Heritage Commission through an organized workshop with Mission residents to discuss community-held heritage values and identify historic places that make Mission unique.

Review the Context Study Here

Heritage Register

On March 2, 2009 the City of Mission established a Community Heritage Register to officially recognise local buildings and heritage places. The properties listed in the register are: Fraser River Heritage Park, Mission Memorial Centre, Mission Museum, Silverhill Hall, Stave Falls Power House, Xá:ytem and the Ukrainian Church.

Some of the heritage properties listed on the Community Heritage Register in Mission are legally protected by Bylaw. A bylaw may prohibit one or more of the following: exterior alterations; structural changes; moving of a structure; actions which would damage a specified interior feature; actions which would damage a specified heritage landscape feature; and/or alteration, excavation, or construction on protected land. The properties protected by bylaw are: Mission Memorial Centre, Mission Museum and Silverhill Hall.

How to register your property?
  • The purpose of the registry tool is to communicate that a property has heritage value and consideration can be made to protecting it.
  • To start the registration process, submit a letter of request as per the Identification and Protection of Heritage Resources LAN.57(C).
  • Please contact Planning (planning@mission.ca) for further assistance.
How to designate your property?

The Local Government Act gives Council the power to designate or register heritage properties by bylaw and dictates the process we must follow. For both a registered or designated heritage property, completion of a Statement of Significance will help support the process.  For more information on these heritage tools and more please visit: https://heritagebc.ca/learning-centre/heritage-conservation-tools-resource-guides/

Fraser River Heritage Park

The Fraser River Heritage Park is a large park located on the former site of St. Mary’s Indian Residential School in Mission, British Columbia. The park has a panoramic view of the Fraser River Valley and Mount Baker. It is predominantly a large open space with mature trees, paths, benches, newer wooden structures, a restaurant and administration building. Special features of the park are the foundations of the school buildings, the original orchard, the heritage plants in the rhododendron and rose gardens, and the reconstructed Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Mission Fairground

The Mission Fairground is a six acre site located uphill from Mission’s historic core at 7650 Grand Street. An agricultural fair was held annually on this site to promote local industry from 1910 until 1997, making it the site of the longest continually held fair in western Canada and the fourth oldest fair in British Columbia.  The Mission Leisure Centre was constructed on the site in 2002 to continue the legacy of the Fair and offer a range of community recreational uses.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, located at 33059 Dewdney Trunk Road, completed in 1966, in a unique Ukrainian-Canadian architectural style, and the adjacent community hall built in 1955 is located in the Cedar Valley, Mission, BC. The church has cultural and historical value for its continuous use as a gathering place for the Ukrainian community.






Stave Falls Power House

Built in phases over a period of time from 1909 – 1925, the Stave Falls Power House is valued for its historic, architectural and cultural significance. The Stave Falls Power House is a large rectangular building constructed of reinforced concrete and steel and located in Mission, British Columbia. Its south elevation has three rows of paired windows; its north elevation only one row. The building site wedged between the steeply banked gorges of Stave Falls on a switchyard tailrace deck.

Mission Post Office

The Mission City Post Office, located at 33191 First Avenue, completed in 1935, is a three storey brick and stone building occupying a prominent corner near the entrance to downtown Mission.  It was the first dedicated post office to serve the growing needs of both the city and district of Mission.  Although modest in stature, the Post Office is a landmark building in Mission due to its striking architecture and important role in the community.



Xá:ytem is  located above the north banks of the Fraser River in Mission, British Columbia and is a traditional gathering place of the Sto:lo.  It is a Coast Salish site of spiritual significance to the Sto:lo people because of its Transformer Rock – sometimes called Hatzic Rock.

This beautiful site features the Transformer Stone, 2 contemporary skumels (pithouses), a contemporary longhouse interpretive centre and gift shop, an artisan shelter and gathering areas.  It has been the site of numerous archaeological digs that confirm thousands of years of occupation. The site is a now marked with interpretive signage.

The following properties are registered on the Mission Heritage Register and protected by a bylaw:
Silverhill Hall

Silverhill Hall was a modest rustic wooden structure that was located on Silverhill Avenue, about 8 kilometres west of downtown Mission, BC.

In October 2018, the historic 99 year old Swedish built building was destroyed by fire. Even though this building no longer exists it will remain on the City of Mission Community Heritage Register for now.

Mission Memorial Centre

The Mission Memorial Centre, also known as the Old Hospital, is a one storey building located on the corner of Fifth Street and James Street in Mission, British Columbia. It is easily identified by its symmetrical brick façade, hi-style roof, and formal driveway entry.


Mission Museum

The Mission Museum is a two-storey wood–frame building with multiple dormers and a full-width covered front porch. A set of full width stairs leads up to the porch where there are three pair of Doric columns. It is located on Second Avenue at the intersection of Welton Street in Mission, British Columbia.

  • This property is protected under District of Mission Bylaw 1033-1981
  • Heritage Conservation Plan
  • Visit the official website for the Mission Museum


Explore more Heritage Sites by visiting historypin.org!
“Connecting Communities with Local History”


Staff Liaisons: Mike Dickinson / Sharel Isabella
Planning Division, Development Services Department
7337 Welton Street, Mission, BC  V2V 3X1
Email: heritage@mission.ca
Phone: 604-820-3748