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Joint Shared Services Committee (JSSC)

The Joint Shared Services Committee (JSSC) is comprised of elected officials from both the City of Mission and the City of Abbotsford, and acts on behalf of Mission and Abbotsford to accomplish shared joint services goals.

  • Water & Sewer Services (WSS) – the City of Mission and the City of Abbotsford are joint partners in the major regional water supply and sewage treatment systems, which benefit residents in both communities.  These services are cost-shared based on each community’s usage. As well, each community owns and operates its own internal water distribution and sewer conveyance systems.
  • Joint Transit System (JTS) – as part of the Central Fraser Valley (CFV) Transit Systems, Mission works in partnership with BC Transit and City of Abbotsford to provide transit services and plan for transit enhancements and expansions.
  • Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot (AMRD) – a recycling processing depot operated by Abbotsford Community Services, with the City of Mission cost-sharing with its partner, the City of Abbotsford for capital and operating expenditures.  AMRD is located on Valley Road in Abbotsford, with a drop-off facility on Mershon Street in Mission.


  1. Provide governance and make decisions regarding the WSS in accordance with the District of Mission Utilities Commission Establishment & Delegation Bylaw 3819-2005;
  2. Perform duties as outlined in the Abbotsford Mission Water & Sewer Services Agreements;
  3. Assist and make recommendations to Abbotsford and Mission Councils, regarding the Central Fraser Valley Transit System, including changes, fare amounts, improvements, efficiencies, long-term funding and governance; and
  4. Advise, assist and make recommendations to Abbotsford and Mission Councils regarding the operation of the AMRD, including recycling operations, programs and funding.

Terms of Reference

View the complete Terms of Reference of the Joint Shared Services Committee.


2021 Agendas and Minutes