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Mission Community Wellness Committee

Mission Community Wellness Committee (MCWC)

The Mission Community Wellness Committee acts as an advisory body to Council and to the Chief Administrative Officer regarding matters pertaining to social planning, community well-being, and quality of life indicators for all members of the community.


  1. The Committee will, consistent with the purpose described above, undertake the following:
    1. Advise on community needs as they arise, integrating and coordinating with
    already existing working groups, in the following areas: homelessness and affordable
    housing, needle use and distribution, outreach oriented activities, food security initiatives,
    child and family development, youth development, healthy built environment and other
    social planning work.
    2. Advise on data collected, contributing to a baseline of social health in
    Mission and monitoring increases and decreases in data, including but not limited to:
    the early development indicator, middle development indicator, social assistance rates, food bank
    usage, emergency shelter usage, homeless counts, connect events and other
    measurements that monitor community needs.
    3. Advise on recommendations arising out of the work described above in #1 and #2.

Terms of Reference

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