Residential Heating Oil Storage Tanks


” . . . Although the Ministry of Environment does not specifically regulate residential heating oil storage tanks, all property owners in B.C. under provincial jurisdiction are legally responsible for complying with the provincial Environmental Management Act (the Act) and the Contaminated Sites and Hazardous Waste Regulations.”       –   Ministry of Environment

Residential Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks are a concern because they are a potential source of contamination of soil and groundwater. They also pose a fire and explosion hazard under certain conditions.

The City of Mission recommends the removal of old tanks. Permits are not required, however we highly recommend viewing the Ministry of Environment’s website before proceeding with removal.

Old oil tanks should have the oil pumped out and recycled (see link below).  Additionally, sand should be placed in the tanks afterwards.

Property owners can contact FortisBC regarding “off-oil” reports, as FortisBC records the date of when a house was connected to gas.  If a house was in existence prior to being connected to gas, it likely would have been on oil.


BC Used Oil Management Association – to recycle used oil
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Environment Fact Sheet – Residential Heating Oil Storage Tanks