BC Energy Step Code


The BC Energy Step Code will soon be mandatory province-wide for all new residential construction.

The BC Energy Step Code (“Step Code”) will be coming to Mission later this year, following a province-wide objective to improve energy efficiency by 20% in all new residential construction by 2022.


Initiated in April 2017, the Step Code began as an optional compliance path in the BC Building Code that local governments adopted to increase the energy performance of new buildings in their communities.

While the exact timing of the new standard is expected later this year, the City of Mission is preparing now by training staff and upgrading internal processes.

Video: What is the BC Energy Step Code?

There are many benefits to the Step Code, such as cleaner air, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and overall lower costs to run for homeowners.

Watch this video to find out more:


As part of the CleanBC plan, the province will be requiring all new residential construction to be 20% more energy efficient than those built to the 2018 BC Building Code. This is expected to happen sometime before the end of 2022.

To achieve this:

  • Part 3 Buildings will be required to be built to Step 2, and
  • Part 9 Buildings will be required to be built to Step 3.

By building homes to these new standards, the overall goal is for British Columbia to have net-zero ready construction by 2032.

BC Energy Step Code timeline

How Builders Can Prepare

While permit application processes in Mission currently remain unchanged, now is the time to understand how the Step Code will impact the way you construct residential and commercial projects in Mission.

The City of Mission held a free workshop for Mission’s building community in early September 2022. The session was led by an experienced Energy Advisor. The slides are available for download.

Learn about what Part 9 Buildings Step 3 and Part 3 Buildings Step 2 mean for you by learning about the Steps, speaking to an Energy Advisor, attending our upcoming information session, and exploring the resources below.