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Bylaws and Licensing Division

Bylaw Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3727 • Fax: 604-820-3715

Business Licence Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3791

The Bylaws and Licensing Division of the Development Services Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the various regulatory bylaws of the City. Some of the areas of responsibility include:  complaints, parking enforcement, and business licences.

The Bylaws and Licensing Division seeks to gain compliance with municipal regulatory bylaw requirements through a variety of methods, including: community education, voluntary compliance on a case-by-case basis, and formal legal proceedings (such as tickets) if voluntary compliance is not achieved.

Enforcement of the City of Mission bylaws is generally a complaint generated system, with the exception of imminent life safety issues. To maintain an administratively fair and unbiased bylaw enforcement system, there is a separation between the role of elected officials who set overarching policy and priorities and City staff’s role to execute procedures as established and outlined in bylaw policy. The current bylaw policy as amended by the Mayor and Council is

Good Neighbour Guide

What is the Good Neighbour Guide?
Upholding our community standards is the shared responsibility of all Mission residents. You can contribute to our community’s well-being by knowing your responsibilities as a resident, property owner or tenant. The City is pleased to provide you with this guide, containing valuable information relating to your home and neighbourhood. This guide is an overview of frequently referenced bylaws, which set a minimum standard for neighbourhoods and help to ensure that all Mission residents live in a safe, clean, and healthy community.

Where can I get a copy of the Good Neighbour Guide?
To view a copy online click on the Good Neighbour Guide.

You may also pick up a hard copy from any of the City of Mission locations.

Bylaw Complaints

The City’s Bylaw Complaint Procedure outlines a standardized approach in order to ensure investigations are prioritized in a uniform way, as well as to ensure a fair and efficient complaint process.

Complaints involving an alleged violation of the City of Mission bylaws must be received in writing. Please note, all complaints are kept confidential, the personal information of anyone who submits a complaint is protected under the provincial legislation and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Required Information
When submitting a written complaint, it must include the following information:

  1. Name of the complainant
  2. Address and telephone number of the complainant
  3. Exact address of location of offense (we are unable to attend complaints based on description of a house or area).
  4. Detailed description of complaint (include description and licence plate number of vehicle if applicable)

Alternatively, you may fill out the Bylaw-Complaint-Form.

Please note, the municipality will not accept anonymous complaints, as outlined in the Bylaw Complaint Procedure.

Submitting a complaint
Complaints may be submitted by email, fax or letter to the following:

Bylaw Services
7337 Welton Street
Mission, BC V2V 3X1
Fax 604-820-3715

Complaint Responses
If there is a contravention of City bylaws, a bylaw enforcement officer will work with the person responsible to remedy the situation.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer investigating a complaint will update the complainant as soon as practical on the status of the complaint and the action that is intended to be taken.  In all cases, the bylaw officer will contact the complainant prior to closing the file.

The City appreciates your patience in bylaw enforcement matters.

Complaints involving barking dogs or roaming dogs are addressed by the Fraser Valley Regional District’s (FVRD) Community Animal Response & Education (CARE) Centre.

To report an animal control issue or to lodge a bylaw complaint, please call 1-844-495-CARE.

To report a dog attack in progress after regular business hours, please call your local police department.

Parking Enforcement

General guidelines regarding parking/traffic enforcement are contained within Traffic Bylaw 1698-1987. Tickets may be issued for a traffic violation without a previous warning. Drivers are expected to familiarize themselves with all street, traffic and parking laws and regulations within the City of Mission.

Downtown Parking Violations
Vehicles found to be parked in violation of the provisions of the Traffic Bylaw 1698-1987 may be ticketed and/or subject to towing. Map of the Downtown Parking Areas.

Disabled (Handicapped) Parking Zone Violations
Vehicles parked within a disabled parking zone without displaying a valid disabled person’s parking permit may be ticketed and/or subject to towing.

Parking in a Unsafe Manner
Where, in the opinion of a person responsible for enforcement, a vehicle is found to be parked unlawfully and in an unsafe manner, the vehicle may be ticketed and/or subject to towing.

All towed vehicles will be subject to a City of Mission towing impound fee of $70, in addition to the towing contractor’s charges for the tow. The fee will be collected at the time of vehicle recovery by the towing contractor.

Unpaid Parking Tickets
In areas other than the Downtown area where a vehicle has two outstanding parking violations and is found to be in violation again, the vehicle may be ticketed and/or subject to towing.  As long as two tickets remain outstanding, the vehicle shall be subject to towing each time it is found in violation.

Cannabis Complaints

In 2019 the growing, production and use of Cannabis was legalized as a controlled substance in Canada by the Federal Government. The regulation of Cannabis is under the authority of the Federal Government. If you have Cannabis related concerns, including but not limited to, the growing, production, odour and security, please use this link to report your concern(s) to the Federal Government.

Full link:

How to Pay or Dispute Bylaw Notice Enforcement Tickets

By mail

Send a cheque or money order (payable to the City of Mission, in Canadian funds) to:

Bylaw Services
7337 Welton Street
Mission BC V2V3X1

The payment must be accompanied by a copy of the front side of the ticket or a note giving sufficient information to identify this ticket, including:

  • the ticket number
  • your full name and mailing address
  • the date of the offence and the bylaw name and section of the offence

NOTE: Please do not send cash in the mail.  A receipt will not be sent back to you.

In person

At the City of Mission Welton Common or City Hall locations during regular business hours.

Or alternatively at any of the following locations:

  1. City of Chilliwack
  2. District of Kent
  3. Fraser Valley Regional District
  4. Village of Harrison Hot Springs
  5. District of Hope

By Phone

Pay with credit card by calling 604-793-2743 or 1-888-793-2744.

Payment Terms:
If the ticket is paid within 14 days, the penalty will be reduced, please see the ticket for discounted rate. If the ticket has not been paid or disputed within the 14 days the opportunity to dispute the ticket has been lost and the penalty will immediately become due and payable. If the ticket has not been paid after 28 days, a surcharge will be added to the penalty, please see ticket for surcharge amount. After 28 days a letter will be sent with a final opportunity to pay. If the ticket has still not been paid within 45 days from the letter then the ticket may be forwarded to a collection agent.

How to Dispute a Bylaw Enforcement Ticket:

A person who receives a Bylaw Offence Notice (ticket), must dispute their ticket within 14 days of the date on which they receive the ticket, or presumed to have received the ticket.

If you wish to dispute a Bylaw Offence Notice, you must complete the information on the back of the Bylaw Offence Notice and deliver, in its entirety, by mail to the Upper Fraser Valley Adjudication System Registry Office located at 8550 Young Road, Chilliwack, BC V2P 8A4, by fax to 604-793-2175, or by email to

What happens when I dispute my ticket?

When you dispute your ticket, a report of the incident will be forwarded by the participating local government to the Screening Officer. The Screening Officer serves independently from the local governments in attempts to resolve disputes. When the Screening Officer has received the report, you will be contacted to present your side of the incident. It is at this time that the Screening Officer will seek to resolve the dispute with you.

When the Screening Officer contacts you, they will be seeking to discuss the following:
1. Information with respect to the incident that constituted a Bylaw Offence Notice (ticket).
2. The specific bylaw and its provision(s) that were allegedly contravened.
3. The facts on which the contravention allegation is based.
4. The fine for the infraction.
5. The opportunity to enter into a Compliance Agreement – to establish terms and conditions for compliance that the Screening Officer considers necessary or advisable, including time periods for payment, amendment of the notice or forgiving of the offence.

In situations where the Screening Officer is unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, a Bylaw Adjudication Hearing may be requested.

What is a Bylaw Adjudication Hearing?

A Bylaw Adjudication Hearing is similar to a court hearing that provides an opportunity for individuals have their disputed ticket heard by an independent Adjudicator. The Adjudicator is provided to the Bylaw Adjudication System by the Attorney Generals Office of the Province of BC. Adjudicators only have the authority to consider the offence on the basis of the evidence presented.

The Bylaw Adjudication System is designed so that representation from a lawyer is not necessary, but you may choose to have a lawyer present if you wish. Upon hearing the evidence, the Adjudicator will render a decision as to whether the offence did or did not take place. The Adjudicator is not at liberty to modify the offence or the penalty.

If the Adjudicator finds that the contravention did occur, a $25.00 Adjudication fee is added to the penalty, which becomes payable immediately.

If the Adjudicator renders a decision that the offence did not take place, the ticket and all associated charges are cancelled.

Contact Information

If you like more information, please contact the Bylaw Adjudication System at 604-793-2743 or attend at the City of Chilliwack located at 8550 Young Road, Chilliwack, BC.

Forms and Bylaw References