Cannabis Regulation in Mission


Updated June 6, 2023:

On June 5, 2023, Council approved an application within Silverdale (which includes the Silverdale Community and Silverdale neighbourhood). No further applications will be accepted within this area at this time.

The City will allow a maximum of up to two new retail cannabis stores (1 per area) in the following areas as defined in the City’s Official Community Plan in the following areas at this time:

  • North Mission (which includes Steelhead, Stave Falls, Keystone, Silverhill and Ferndale Neighbourhoods); and,
  • Hatzic

Updated June 20, 2022:

At its meeting on December 19, 2022, Council passed a motion under Resolution No. RC22-629 that revised the moratorium for new retail cannabis store applications within the City of Mission. The moratorium will:

  • remain in place for the Mission Core and Cedar Valley neighbourhoods;
  • allow a maximum of up to three new retail cannabis stores (1 per area) in the following areas as defined in the City’s Official Community Plan:
    • Silverdale (which includes the Silverdale Community and Silverdale neighbourhood) (amended on June 5, 2023);
    • North Mission (which includes Steelhead, Stave Falls, Keystone, Silverhill and Ferndale Neighbourhoods); and,
    • Hatzic

The revised moratorium is scheduled to be reviewed by Council in 2025.

For further information view the December 19, 2022 Staff Report to Council on page 165 of the Agenda; and/or watch the recorded meeting here.

Contact the Planning Division at or call 604-820-3748 for further clarification.

Cannabis in Mission

As of October 17, 2018, the selling of cannabis for non-medicinal purposes became legal within Canada. The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is the licensing authority for the province of BC for non-medical cannabis retail stores. A retail cannabis store must be a standalone business only. Prior to the LCRB issuing a licence, input and a positive recommendation from the local government is required.

Please review Policy LEG.04 which outlines the process and requirements for submitting a Cannabis Retail Store application.

As per Policy LEG.04, Council will consider the following when determining whether to support, non-support, or support with conditions, a Cannabis Retail Store Licence:

  • Location: Retail Cannabis licences may only be issued in a prescribed zone as per the Zoning Bylaw.
  • Land Use Impact: Impacts on adjacent and nearby land uses.
  • Public Input: Consider views from the public through a Public Input process.
  • Community Benefit: How the applicant intends to fit within the community.

Application Process

The following generally outlines the process for a Retail Cannabis Sales Licence Applications:

  1. Pre-Application Review Meeting (optional)
  2. Provincial Cannabis Retail Sales Licence Application
  3. Provincial Notification to the City
  4. Provincial Referral to the City
  5. Submit Retail Cannabis Store application and fees to the City
  6. City Application Review
  7. Report to Council
  8. Public Input Session
  9. *Council Consideration (may occur the same evening as Public Input Session)
  10. Council submits recommendations to the LCRB for each application
  11. LCRB continues their internal review
  12. If approved by LCRB, submit Business Licence fee.

*Regardless of compliance with zoning regulations, Council is not obligated to support an application for a private Cannabis Retail Store.

Retail Cannabis Stores

The following applications have been approved for retail cannabis stores in Mission:

  • 32530 Lougheed Highway (Unit 212)
  • 32988 – 1st Avenue
  • 32423 Lougheed Highway  (Unit 111)
  • 8778 Cedar Street (Unit 101)
  • 29560 Lougheed Highway (Unit C-102)

The following application has been approved for a provincial retail cannabis store:

  • 31956 Lougheed Highway (Units D0003 & D0004)


Cannabis Production Facilities

Currently, Mission prohibits cannabis production within municipal boundaries except as permitted within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALC Website).

Primary Producers

There are four levels of Cannabis Primary Producers
1. Standard Cultivation
2. Micro Cultivation
3. Nursery
4. Personal Producers

The City of Mission is currently undergoing a review of its existing regulatory framework for Primary Producers (Standard, Micro and Nursery). The regulatory framework will contemplate all types and scales of production.

Please watch the City of Mission website for regulatory framework progress updates.

Personal Producers

Mission is not interested in regulating the home cultivation, considered under the Cannabis Act as not requiring a licence. Mission will continue to actively enforce the Good Neighbour Bylaw.