Planning Process & Reports

Planning Process & Reports

The planning process for downtown will be highly collaborative and is founded on upfront and on-going engagement with the public, stakeholders and Council at key stages of the project. The Mission City Downtown Planning process is organized into 3 phases.

Phase 1 includes review and assessment of key background and technical information along with identification of preliminary issues, opportunities and big ideas.

Phase 2 involves the co-creation and refinement of a shared vision, principles and concept plan for the downtown through a series of public and stakeholder workshops.

The illustrative vision and principles developed in phase 2 will form the basis for development of a detailed plan including policies, guidelines, and actions for implementation in phase 3.  A detailed description of opportunities for public and stakeholder engagement can be found in the HB Lanarc document titled Downtown Mission Communication and Engagement Strategy.

A flow chart of the process can be found in Figure 1.

flow chart of the process above


Figure 1




The Background Report document that summarizes much of the information gathered from the public and Council to date is attached below. This document will be used at the Charrette on January 16 and 17, 2013  along with the Design Brief.

The second document, the Design Brief, is a technical document which is use by the Charrette Team to help them understand the Charrette process, and to identify options and to consider how to implement Big Ideas, identified in the Background Report, into the downtown plan.

On February 4, 2013 at the Downtown Planning Council Workshop Joaquin Karakas, Senior Planner – Urban Designer from Golder Associates Ltd., reviewed the refined Charrette results, and identified the Big Moves and corresponding preliminary actions.  Mr. Karakas also indicated that he would be looking for feedback regarding early priorities as well as any potential red flags and gaps in the Concept Options Report.

Downtown Mission Concept Options Report Draft

9 big moves