Engineering Plans and Strategies


Transportation Master Plan

Transportation is an essential part of everyday life, affecting our community’s health, environment, and economy. An efficient transportation network allows people and goods to safely move in and around the City and is essential for supporting a complete, connected community as we grow.

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Utility Master Plan

The Utility Master Plan is a guide for infrastructure upgrades in Mission’s water, sanitary sewer and drainage systems over the next 25 years. These systems are essential to our quality of life and building a plan over the next 25 years will help us prepare and respond to the ongoing growth and development of our community.


Fraser River Flood Preparedness & Response Plan

Flood response planning is a strategy to minimize loss of life, injury and trauma and to reduce property damage as a result of a flood. No one can anticipate every contingency during a flood event, but a flood response plan will help develop appropriate responses for a wide range of occurrences.