Crosswalk and Sidewalk Projects 2023



Crosswalk and Sidewalk Projects 2023

What’s Happening


The City has initiated several projects to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety on roads in Mission. Three existing crosswalks will be upgraded in 2023, and four sidewalks and/or Multi-Use Paths (MUP) will be designed. The locations include:

For crosswalks:

  1. Hurd Street at Hillcrest Avenue
  2. Hurd Street at Lamont Avenue
  3. Hurd Street at McRae Avenue

For sidewalks and/or MUPS:

  1. Cherry Avenue at Albert McMahon Elementary School (north side of road)
  2. Cherry Avenue, west of Harms Street (north side of road)
  3. Silverdale Avenue, Rook Crescent to Wren Street (south side of road)
  4. Kenney Avenue, Oyama Street to Nelson Street.


March 14, 2023 Update

The survey and design work for the improvements is underway.  A consulting engineering firm, ISL Engineering and Land Services, is actively working on the preliminary designs for the projects.

The crosswalk upgrades will consider if push-button activated flashing beacons and/or curb extensions should be provided. These upgrades are proposed to be completed in 2023.

The sidewalk upgrades will be based on providing a 1.8m wide concrete sidewalk or a 4.0m wide asphalt MUP. Some of these may be constructed in 2023 (or constructed to an alternate standard) while others will be completed in future years.


Project Contact:

Arthur Kastelein,
Project Manager, Design