Rural Roads Safety Improvements



Rural Roads Safety Improvements – Dewdney Trunk Road, Keystone Avenue and Hayward Street


What’s Happening

Update August 18, 2023 – This project is substantially complete.

Concerns from Steelhead area residents related to truck traffic, vehicle speeds, and road safety prompted Mission City Council to authorize an In-Service Rural Road Safety Review study for Dewdney Truck Road (north of Keystone Avenue), Keystone Avenue, and Hayward Street. The study was completed by Watt Consulting and presented to Council on July 18, 2022. A budget of $200,000 was allocated to implement a number of those improvements.


What To Expect

The Rural Road Safety Improvement project includes the supply and installation of traffic warning signs, a speed reader board, roadside delineators, additional centerline pavement markings, and, recessed pavement reflectors at 18 different locations. The Public Works division of the City Of Mission Engineering and Public Works Department will be installing the signs and arranging for the other improvements.


Construction Schedule

The road improvement work will start March 15, 2023 and is expected to be completed by the end of Summer, 2023.


After-Hours Contact

Public Works
Ph: 604-820-3761


Project Contacts

Dylan Steward,
Project Manager, Construction

Arthur Kastelein,
Project Manager, Design