Street Light Replacement Project


Street Light Replacement Project

Project Completed

Street lights in Mission were replaced by BC Hydro as part of their street light replacement project. The new energy-efficient LED lights meet federal regulations for more sustainable and reliable fixtures. The colour spectrum has shifted from the old orange style to a warm white colour, which help improve public safety by increasing visibility of sidewalks and roads at night and reducing light pollution. At this time, BC Hydro will not be putting on light shields or visors or filters on their LED fixtures.

How were the lights chosen for our community?
○ BC Hydro is providing LEDs in a variety of wattages. Each light choice is available in two colour temperatures: 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (cool white).

Our community has chosen 3000k in residential areas and 4000k (as per City of Mission Bylaw) in commercial, industrial areas and intersections. The vast majority of the lights (about 90%) will be 3000k warm lights.