Local Area Service (LAS) FAQs



Below you will find answers to questions you may have regarding the Local Area Service policy.

Please refer to the policy, or contact Engineering at 604-826-3736 or engineering@mission.ca if you have any further questions.


FIN.53(C) Local Area Service Tax Policy
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How do I start an LAS project?
Discuss among the neighbourhood to determine the support for the project.  Define the project boundary – from where to where the service is to be provided.  Submit a Request for Local Area Service form to the Director of Engineering & Public Works.  A contact person (“Applicant”) should be nominated by the owners to complete and submit the form.
Is signing the Preliminary Petition form binding?

No, it is only an expression of interest.  Your commitment will be expressed through the Formal Petition, which will be prepared and sent to you by the City on receipt of the Preliminary Petition.

Should I be an owner to sign the petition? What if multiple owners exist? Are multiple owners getting more than one vote?

Only owners can sign.  Each property has a single vote, irrespective of the number of owners.

In the case of more than two owners of a property, the majority of the owners must sign for a property to be considered in favour.

How do I know my cost?

After the City receives the Preliminary Petition, and if Council authorizes staff to circulate an Official Petition for an LAS, City staff will mail out an information package to all owners of the parcels in the benefiting area which will, among other items, include cost estimates to each parcel.

Is the cost given through the Formal Petition Form final?

If the final cost turned out to be less than 10% higher than the Class B estimated cost set out in the Official Petition for LAS, the City would fund this additional expense.

If the final cost turned out to be more than 10% higher than the Class B estimated cost set out in the Official Petition for LAS, the City will:

  • circulate a new Petition for LAS containing a revised estimate of the costs of the LAS; or
  • elect not to proceed with the LAS.

If the actual construction costs are lower, the property owners will only be charged based on the actual costs.

What are my choices? If I do not sign, should I pay?
If you favour the project, you will sign and return the Formal Petition Form, – you are then committed to the project.

If you choose not to favour the project, you can disregard the Formal Petition.  However, if sufficient property owners sign the petition and the project is approved by Council, irrespective of signed or not, every property owner in the benefiting area will have to pay.

How is the total cost split between the properties?
The cost will be split based on the approach outlined in the Community Charter, which is based on property area, frontage, etc.  Please refer to Section 2.14 of the policy for more detailed information.
When should I pay, and should I pay at once?

On the date that Council approves circulation of the Official Petition, the actual cost attributed to each property will be determined and added to the tax roll.  Owners can either pay in full at once, or choose to have the cost levied for a duration of between 5 and 20 years.  The annual charges will include an interest component determined by the City at the time of approval of the project.

Is it a must that I connect to the utility service installed under LAS?

No, owners can choose whether to connect to the City utility or not.  No property will be connected to the City network without an application from the property owner.

How do we get connected to the City's main? Are there additional connection charges that apply?

As part of the LAS project, service connections are extended to the property line.  Owners interested in connection to City services should make an application to Welton Common, 7337 Welton Street (Engineering Front Counter).  No connection charges shall apply.

However, the owners will have to install, at their cost, the necessary plumbing works within the property, for which a plumbing permit is required.

In the case of water service, as part of the plumbing works, the owner will have to install a water meter chamber/box at the property line.  Once the internal plumbing is approved, the City will install a meter.  Contact the Building Division for permit charges.

In the case of water service, on what basis would I pay for my water usage?

All new water service connections must be metered.  You will be charged on a metered rate.

See the City’s page on Utility User Rates for more information.