Patching and Paving


Patching and Paving

If you observe a pot hole, please report it immediately via the phone number shown on this page or by email to

The City of Mission budgets more than $600,000 annually to resurface existing roads throughout the community. In addition to the resurfacing program, more than $300,000 is budgeted to patch portions of road surface based on the City of Mission’s Pavement Management Program. There is also a crack sealing program carried out annually, where hot liquid tar is pumped into cracks in an asphalt surface to seal the cracks and prevent water from migrating under the asphalt and causing additional cracking and pot holing. The hot liquid tar is covered with white talcum power to prevent tracking of the tar onto vehicles and shoes. The crack sealing program is usually carried out in late spring. Pot hole filling occurs on an “as and when required” basis.

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