Roadway Drainage


Roadway Drainage

Please immediately report:

  • flooded roadways
  • chemical spills on roadways or if you see someone disposing of chemicals down a catch basin

Roadway flooding often occurs when rainfall onto the roadways cannot drain away into the roadside catch basins. Catch basins are the slotted grates along the shoulder or curb line. The grates can become covered with litter, leaves, ice or snow. A blocked grate cannot drain the rainfall runoff and may result in a flooded road or private property.

Residents can easily help prevent the grates from becoming covered and the resulting flooding by knowing where the grates are adjacent to their home and routinely checking for and clearing blockages. The simple act of keeping the grate clear could prevent many thousands of dollars in property damage or potential injuries for a motorist who may lose control on a flooded roadway. Roadways may also become flooded due to plugged road culverts. Culvert inlets often become plugged by sticks, branches and other debris washed down the creek or ditch or by children playing in the area. The Public Works staff perform an annual culvert inspection and maintenance program to remove debris in October and November.

If you have a road culvert adjacent to your property, you can assist the City of Mission staff by monitoring the presence of debris buildup and when present reporting it via the phone number shown on this page. Chemical spills should be prevented from entering a catch basin. Catch basins are connected to the drainage system. Chemicals in the drainage system can create the potential to back up into homes, cause damage to the drainage system or result in environment damage to the habitat as the drainage system eventually enters the local creek and streams system on their way to the Fraser River. For more information about the drainage system, please see the Drainage section of our website.

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