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Winter Event Service Alert

There are no active alerts at this time.

Preparing for Winter Conditions

As we enter the winter months we want to ensure we are all as prepared as possible to deal with winter driving conditions, snow, and ice.

Ice Patrols

From November through February the City of Mission conducts overnight winter ice patrols. Night-shift crews undertake a patrol whenever the ambient temperature at the Public Works Complex drops to 2 degrees Celsius or lower at the start of their shift. We also receive precision forecasts daily, and more frequently when weather changes are expected. Where warranted night patrol staff will apply either a mixture of sand and salt or a brine solution. View the ice patrol routes here.

Brining and Sanding

The City of Mission makes our own brine solution in-house at Public Works instead of trucking in tanks of it from other cities. The tanks at Public Works store around 53,000L of brine which is ready for use at any time during the winter months.

Crews will brine roads if patrols find icy conditions or snow accumulation of 25mm or more, or when freezing rain is expected. Priority 1 routes and transit routes are all pre-treated, with crews working to ensure this is done four hours prior to any anticipated weather event.

Crews apply a sand-salt mix when there are icy roads. Sanding is done on an as-needed basis when grit is required on paved surfaces to improve traction. Typically this is done on hills, approaches to intersections, and known icy areas. First responders and the public can also contact the City to request emergency after-hours sanding.

How to Help

Here are some things you can do to be prepared for this winter:

  • Park your car in the driveway in inclement weather to provide the plows unobstructed access to clear streets;
  • Clear snow and ice from sidewalks in front of your property (cleared snow should be piled to the left of your driveway with the flow of traffic or on lawns);
  • Remove blockages from catch basins for optimal drainage;
  • Business and residents are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property.

Snowplowing Roads

The City is divided into 7 snow route areas; each area has a Priority 1 Route (emergency accesses, transit and school bus routes, streets in the business district, parking lanes on 1st Avenue), and a Priority 2 Route (residential, rural and local streets). When there is snow throughout the municipality, resources are allocated to these priority routes. Priority 3 routes include all other roads in each area; they will not be plowed until after the snow event has ended and Priority 1 and 2 Routes have been cleared and are in good condition. Priority 1 Override is used in emergency events for professional responders and other utilities or agencies and will take precedence.

The following summarizes the City of Mission preparations and responses to plowing of municipal roads in response to a snowfall:

  • The priority for municipal forces is to plow the main roads, with extra priority for those main road hills.
  • Main roads include public transit and school bus routes.
  • Equipment will be reassigned to secondary roads when the main roads are plowed and the snowfall has subsided

Snow Plow Routes Do Not Cover:

  • Lanes;
  • Sidewalks and stairways other than those specifically identified in the current snow clearing procedures;
  • Mailboxes (this is the responsibility of Canada Post. If you have an issue with a community mailbox, please call 1-844-454-3009 and inform Canada Post of the mailbox location);
  • Private roads and private driveways;
  • Park trails and trail parking lots; and
  • Florence Lake Road, unless required in an emergency.

All parking lots associated with municipal buildings will be cleared, salted and sanded by 10:00 am the day following a snow event (City Hall and Public Works Complex will only be cleared on days they are normally open). All other sidewalks, walkways, and stairs will not be cleared.

Important Contacts

City Snow Emergencies
Public Works

School Closures
Mission Public Schools

Transit Services
BC Transit
BC Transit Website

Garbage/Recycling Pick-up

Power Outages
BC Hydro

Highways and Mission Bridge Maintenance
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Policies and Procedures

For detailed information on each of the City of Mission’s policies and procedures for winter road conditions, choose from the list below and click on it.

For additional information, please contact Public Works at 604-820-3761 during normal working hours (7:30 am –  5:00 pm, Monday through Friday).