Street Sweeping


Street Sweeping

The City of Mission owns and operates a large vacuum type machine to pick up litter and dirt particles. Two Public Works staff are dedicated to sweeping the roads on a 7 day a week basis. The sweeper operator shift begins at 4:00 am; the streets in commercial and industrial areas are usually swept during the first few hours of each shift, moving into the residential areas later in the morning. With over 600 lane kilometres of road and only one machine, it is not possible to sweep as frequently as many people would like. For the most part, non-curbed streets are not swept unless a public concern is reported, simply because most of the dirt will naturally be washed onto the gravel shoulders. In addition, normal street sweeping is curtailed between December and March due to winter weather. While sweeping operators follow a prescribed schedule, the staff will also react to reported areas of concern.

If you have questions about the sweeping schedule or wish to report a street sweeping need, please call Public Works or email

Public Works 24-Hour line

For Emergency & Non-emergency issues