If you see anyone taking or damaging signs, please report it immediately to the RCMP.

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming systems, commonly seen as speed bumps or traffic circles, are devices used on local streets and lane ways to help reduce the speed of motorists through neighbourhoods. To meet the demands for these devices, the City of Mission has established a policy to address requests for traffic calming devices on residential streets.

Please note that all traffic calming requests are on hold pending review of the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Policy.

Traffic Signals

There are three basic types of traffic signals utilized throughout the City of Mission:

Fully Activated Signals

These are the standard traffic signals, found at:

  • London Avenue & access to Junction Mall
  • 7th & Hurd
  • 7th & Grand
  • 7th & Stave Lake
  • 7th & Cedar
  • 14th & Cedar
  • Cedar Street & McRae Avenue
  • Cedar Street & Best Avenue
  • Cedar Street & Egglestone Avenue
  • Cedar Connector & Ross Drive
  • Cedar Connector & Mission Gateway Plaza
  • Cedar & Cherry
  • 11th & Stave Lake

The traffic signals along Highways # 7 & 11 are operated and maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Pedestrian Activated Signals

These are where the main or through street has a flashing green light until a pedestrian activates the signal. The signal then progresses through a normal green, yellow and red cycle, which allows the pedestrian to cross the street and then it returns to flashing green. Pedestrian activated signals are found at:

  • Hurd & Scott
  • 7th & Strachan
  • Murray & 3rd

Flashing Yellow and Red Signals

These are to alert the motorist to an approaching stop sign (for flashing red) and caution (for flashing yellow) intersection. Advanced Warning Boards are to alert drivers of an upcoming traffic signal, either pedestrian controlled or a fully signalized light set. Yellow flashing lights on these boards alert drivers to prepare to stop.

The installation of traffic signals is determined by established guidelines called warrants. Traffic warrants take into consideration a variety of issues to establish if a traffic signal is required. Traffic warrants take into consider such things as traffic volumes, pedestrian volumes, number of left or right turn movements, etc.

Traffic Signs

The City annually spends $60,000 a year installing new signage and replacing old faded or obsolete signs. Regrettably, an additional $50,000 is spent annually to replace damaged or stolen signs. If you see a damaged or missing sign, please report it immediately using the phone number shown on this page, except where the sign is along either Provincial Highways #7 & 11.

Road Markings

The City uses a variety of road markings to delineate travel lanes, turn lanes, traffic islands, speed humps, etc. The installation of signs and the placement of road markings are determined by established guidelines called warrants. Traffic warrants take into consideration a variety of issues to establish if a sign or road marking is warranted.

To Report Malfunctions or Issues on Highway 7 or 11

Malfunctioning Traffic Signals or Street Lights:
Ministry of Highways – Electrical Branch

Any other Road Issues:
Emil Anderson Contracting

Inquiries and Contact Information

If you wish to submit an inquiry or complaint, please visit the Engineering Forms page under “Traffic”.

For more information about traffic calming, signals, signs or warrants,  please contact:

City of Mission
Engineering Department
604-820-3736 or

Public Works 24-Hour line

For Emergency & Non-emergency issues