Soil Deposit and Removal


Soil Deposit and Removal

Property owners are encouraged to contact Engineering staff at 604-820-3736 to review their proposal before removal or deposition of soil occurs.

Submit completed forms with required fees to:

City of Mission, Engineering Department
8645 Stave Lake Street, PO Box 20
Mission, BC  V2V 4L9

Many landowners are interested in depositing or removing soil from their property for a variety of reasons. Soil includes topsoil, gravel, sand, rock, peat, silt and clay. Depositing soil on your property has the potential to cause many negative impacts including affecting drainage on neighbouring properties, harming plants and animals that rely on perennial or seasonal wet areas for their survival, as well as reducing the value of the property by depositing contaminated soil. The offer for free soil or the opportunity to generate income from depositing soil can be tempting, but can result in significant hardship for property owners if the deposition is not done correctly. The City has a Soil Removal Bylaw and Soil Deposit Bylaw that must be adhered to prevent these hardships. The bylaws are in place to protect property owners as much as they are to protect neighbouring properties and the City’s infrastructure. In most cases, the bylaws require that a permit be obtained from the City. Additional requirements may apply to those properties within the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Soil Deposit

Soil Deposit Bylaw 5506-2015 requires that all soil deposit be done with a permit from the City of Mission.

Soil Deposit Bylaw 5506-2015
Soil Deposit Application and Permit
Confirmation of Commitment by Owner and Qualified Professional

Soil Removal

Soil Removal Bylaw 3088-1997 requires that all soil removal be done with a permit from the City of Mission. The completed Soil Removal Application Form is to be submitted accompanied by a Site Profile.

Soil Removal Bylaw 3088-1997
Site Profile
Soil Removal Permit Application