Street Lighting


Malfunctioning Streetlights


You can now report street lights in need of repair HERE


There are a number of reasons for a streetlight or a group of streetlights to malfunction. These include a very common problem where the light cycles on and off every few minutes.   If you see a malfunctioning or burned out streetlight, please report it to using the link above or click here.

You will need the following information:

  • What is the location? Preferably a location with the house address adjacent to the light.
  • What is the malfunction? Burned out (one or many lights) goes off and on and off again.
  • Has this been reported before and when? Repairs will take approximately two weeks.
  • Is it a wood or metal pole?


Streetlight Request

Budget limitation determines the number of new streetlights that may be added to the existing roadway system each year.  The additional streetlights are restricted to locations where an existing BC Hydro power pole exists due to funding limitations.  In rural areas, streetlights are generally limited to intersections, curves and cul-de-sacs, again because of funding limitations. Installation of a streetlight can be controversial because while some people want them, others find the additional light intrusive; therefore, all requests for new streetlights should be accompanied with a petition from the area residents supporting the installation. Streetlight requests are processed twice a year to better prioritize the various requests; November and April. As new technologies are developed, the City continues to review the possibilities for moving to LED lighting and new light funding may be redirected towards those works.


To request a streetlight, send request with supporting petition to:

City of Mission, Public Works
Attention: Operations Manager – Roads and Drainage
33835 Dewdney Trunk Road, PO Box 20
Mission, BC V2V 4L9
Fax:  604-826-8633