Fire Hydrants


Fire Hydrant – Use and Visibility

If you see anyone other than city staff using a fire hydrant, please report it by calling Public Works.

Fire hydrant use is restricted to Fire/Rescue Crews and Public Works Staff. Opening a fire hydrant can be a very serious and dangerous situation. High-pressure water in a fire hydrant can cause injury, property damage or severe flooding. A misused fire hydrant can malfunction and create a deadly situation when the Fire/Rescue Crews need to fight a fire. If you see anyone else such as contractors, water haulers or members of the public using a fire hydrant, please report it by calling the phone number shown for emergency and non-emergency service. Water may be obtained from a fire hydrant only where a Hydrant Use Permit Application has been approved. Where a permit is issued, Public Works Staff will complete a full inspection of the fire hydrant after the use, to ensure reliable operation in case of fire.  A Hydrant Permit Use Application may be made at Welton Common (7337 Welton Street), Engineering Department.

Public Works 24-Hour line

For Emergency & Non-emergency issues