Water Fill Stations



Water Fill Stations

The City of Mission operates two public potable water fill stations.

  • One at Mill Pond (on Dewdney Trunk Road, approx. 700 m south of Welch Avenue); and
  • One on Mission Way (at the Public RV Dump Station).

These stations provide additional potable water sources for local residents who operate their own well systems, during times of drought.
Commercial users are not authorized to access either of these water sources.

Water is available year-round, 24 hours a day.

Mill Pond Key Fobs

A new key fob system has been installed at Mill Pond whereby a Fob will be required to access the water.
To obtain a fob, submit a completed Water Fill Permit Application Form and fee ($45) to the Finance Department at City Hall.  The City will buy back returned fobs for $25. Please bring your driver’s licence or most recent utility bill to present to staff as proof of address.

Key fobs and permits are available for purchase at City Hall during regular business hours.

Please see the FAQ section below for more information on the upcoming key fob system at Mill Pond.

Engineering & Public Works Forms page, including:

Water Fill Permit Application Form
Fob Buy-Back Application Form

Other Links:
Mill Pond Bulk Water Fill Station Operation Instructions
Fraser Health’s Guideline for Bulk Water Hauling


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Why is the City of Mission upgrading the water fill station at Mill Pond and requiring the users to register with the City?
There was no control over who uses the water fill station at Mill Pond, including non-residents and commercial haulers.  This system guarantees that only Mission residents will be using this service.
How do I operate the station?

Users must acquire a permit first at City Hall. The applicants are required to pay a fee in the amount of $45 (applicable taxes included) to receive a key fob. This fob will be used to monitor users’ water withdrawal transactions. The key fob can be returned at any time for a refund of $25, providing that it is in good and working condition.

Where can I get a key fob and how much will it cost?

Key fobs are available at Mission City Hall at 8645 Stave Lake Street, lower floor.

The cost of a key fob is $45, due upon application.  The City will buy back returned fobs for $25.

What does it cost if I lose my key fob or damage it?

The lost key fob will be deactivated to prevent unauthorized users to withdraw water at the Mill Pond water fill station.
You will need to apply for a new water permit and a replacement fee of $35 will be charged.

Why do I have to sign a permit?

The City would like to control who has access to the water fill station and to have a record of its usage.

Are the Bulk Water Fill Stations being shared by residential users?
No, the filling stations are for residential users only who are not connected to the water system.
How much does water cost at the Mill Pond fill station for a residential user?
Residential users are not charged for water at the present time. Any future changes will be based on Council decisions and direction.
How about the water fill station at Mission Way?
This fill station has not been upgraded at this time and no registration is required for using the station. Any future changes to how this station operates will be based on Council decisions and direction.
What happens during a power outage?

The station is not currently equipped with a power generator and hence will not operate during a power outage. Any future changes to make the station operational during a power outage will be based on Council decisions and direction.

Lengthy power outages rarely occur in Canada.  During a power outage, Public Works staff will work with BC Hydro to fix the problem and restore electricity at the Mill Pond water fill station as quickly as possible.  Power outages are caused by many different events including electrical storms, windstorms, vehicle accidents, and equipment failure.  If you are prepared, a power outage will not be a major inconvenience.  For example, having a private backup generator to withdraw water from your private well during these times would help you better control the situation.

Users may also choose to use the City’s second water fill station located at 32860 Mission Way (east of the sanitary dump), as this station will stay operational during a power outage.

Where can I view the Fraser Health Authority document entitled "Guideline for Bulk Water Hauling?"

The Fraser Health Authority document is located on the City website at www.mission.ca.

Why is there a daily 4,000 litre limit (weekly 10,5000 litre) on residential user permits?

Residential users are not being charged for the water and the city does not want residential users collecting water for commercial users.

What type of fitting will I need and where can I get one?
A 51 mm (2 inch) female cam-lock will be needed.  Fittings are available or can be ordered by any plumbing store.
What unit of measurement do I enter at the key pad when I order water?
When ordering water, enter the amount you require in litres.
What happens to my fob if I sell my property?

Once a property that has a fob attached to it is sold, the fob will become deactivated.

New owners must apply to the City to reactive the fob, free of charge, or purchase a new fob.