Water Quality


Water Quality

Abbotsford and Mission’s drinking water undergoes thousands of water quality tests each year to ensure that customers are provided with clean and safe water.

Residents can take pride in their drinking water – it continually meets or exceeds quality standards set out in the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality health based parameters.

Detailed water quality reports are published annually and key water quality monitoring data is posted monthly. Visit ourwatermatters.ca/water-quality to view the reports. 

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Drinking Water Testing

As required by the Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulation, the District of Mission tests the two water systems in order to monitor drinking water quality. This is to ensure compliance with both the Fraser Health Authority and the Canadian Drinking Water guidelines. The permits also require the test results be made available to the public.

Drinking water testing results can be found at ourwatermatters.ca

Drinking water sampling test results will be updated annually and posted on the website by June 30th.

For more information about drinking water sampling results terminology, visit the provincial government’s website.  The results from last year confirm that both systems are being operated and maintained to provide drinking water quality in compliance with both the Fraser Health Authority, and the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The final toxicology report, Executive Summary Report from Golder and Associates regarding the safety of the drinking water from Hayward Lake, has been accepted by the Fraser Health Authority.


Executive Summary Report from Golder and Associates
Provincial Government Website
HealthlinkBC File #56 – Preventing Water-Borne Infections for People with Weakened Immune Systems

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