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Mission Downtown Business Improvement Area


 Mission Downtown Business Improvement Area Service

The City of Mission, on behalf of the Mission Downtown Business Association (MDBA), to renew the Business Improvement Area (BIA) in downtown Mission, pursuant to Section 215 of the Community Charter.

A Business Improvement Area Service is a system that allows property owners and business owners in an area to “pool their efforts” and funds for marketing, planning and management of activities that can improve the business area.

The Mission Downtown Business Association has proposed a budget of $92,487 during the 2019 calendar year, rising to $112,418 for the 2023 calendar year to carry out planned projects.

The process is that all property owners within the Downtown Business Improvement Area (Map) with assessment Class 5 – Light Industry and/or Class 6 – Business/Other are provided details and are asked for opposition and comments. The Community Charter gives Council the authority to charge this extra levy unless the bylaw is opposed by more than 50% of the owners, representing at least 50% of the assessed value of the parcels liable to be charged and that this opposition be declared within 30 days after the second publication notice.

A copy of the proposed Bylaw for the five-year term (2019-2023) is available for your review on page 186 in the February 4, 2019 Council Agenda.