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For questions and comments on utility invoices and the Secondary Dwelling Unit program contact: Utility Invoice Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3718

Secondary Dwelling Unit Exemption

Secondary Dwelling Unit - Exemption Application Form

Secondary suites are an important part of the housing mix in Mission. They provide rental housing and opportunities for families to stay together, longer. When they’re poorly managed they can also cause a number of issues in a community.

While the Zoning Bylaw defines secondary suites, coach homes and garden cottages as secondary dwellings, and controls where they are allowed to be built, this project is focused specifically on secondary suites inside the main home.

We recognize there are issues with the current system and are looking to implement a new Secondary Suite Program that:

  • Is easy to understand and manage
  • Supports safe, affordable rental housing
  • Reduces the issues in our community related to unregulated suites

Current Utility User Fees

Utility user fees are comprised of Water, Sewer, Garbage and Recycling/Compost services. The 2023 flat-rate user fees per single family home that receive these services are:

Utility Base Rate With Secondary Dwelling With Secondary Dwelling
(Outside Waste Collection Area)
Water $523.44 $1046.88  
Sanitary Sewer $544.08 $1088.16  
Garbage * $104.52 $209.04  
Recycling and Compostables * $186.96 $373.92 $36.00 **
Total $1,359.00 $2,718.00 $36.00 **

*Homes currently metered for water, only the garbage and recycling/compostable fees are increased for the secondary dwelling unit.
**Homes outside of the waste collection area pay $18.00 to support the rural recycling program, $36.00 with a secondary dwelling unit.

Currently, property owners with  SDUs are charged additional utility fees to cover the additional burden on utilities. There are two situations whereby property owners can avoid paying double utilities, qualify for an exemption or decommission the secondary dwelling unit.


For information on how to qualify for an exemption please review and complete an Exemption Application Form. Once your application has been submitted, please pay the utility exemption fee by mailing in a cheque or in person at City Hall.  

Sale of a Home with an Exemption

The exemption is provided to the property owner, not the property itself. Any existing exemption is void from date of the sale. It is the seller’s responsibility to inform any potential buyers of the conditions of the exemption. 


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Completed forms can be emailed to:

Payments can be mailed to:   Dropped off in person:
 Tax Department    City Hall, lower floor
 PO Box 20    8645 Stave Lake St
 Mission, BC  V2V 4L9    After hours drop boxes are available

Contact Information

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