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Fire Code Requirements


Fire Code Requirements

The BC Fire Code establishes the standard for fire prevention, fire fighting and life safety in buildings in use.  It includes standards for activities causing fire hazards, installation and maintenance of life safety systems and egress facilities.  Standards for portable fire extinguishers, limitations on building contents and the establishment of fire safety plans, including the organization of supervisory staff for emergency purposes, are also included.

In addition, the BC Fire Code establishes the standard for prevention, containment and fighting of fires originating outside buildings which may present a hazard to a community.  It also sets standards for the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

The Fire Commissioner is designated as the person responsible for administration of the BC Fire Code and appoints Local Assistants or Inspectors to implement  and enforce the Fire Code within its boundaries.  The Mission Fire Rescue Service has four career staff authorized to enforce Fire Code Regulations.

Some of the Fire Code Regulations implemented by the Mission Fire Rescue Service are as follows:

For further information regarding Fire Code Regulations contact the Office of the Fire Commissioner at 1-888-988-9488.