Fire Safety, Education & Prevention



Most fires and injuries are preventable. Educating the public about how to survive a fire and prevent fires from starting is an important responsibility of the fire service. Public fire and life safety education programs provide a way for the fire service to reach into the community and encourage positive change. Working together, the fire service and the communities they serve can reduce the loss of life and property from fire. Mission Fire Rescue Service provides many services to the community, including providing educational materials (e.g. safety brochures, fire safety activity sheets, colouring books, etc).

As part of our Public Education Program, Mission Fire Rescue Service offers free public education sessions and guided tours at Fire Station No.1 to schools, community groups, and businesses. Our educational programs include:

  • Fire Safety Education (Kindergarten to Seniors)
  • School programs
  • Fire Station tours
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Lectures
  • Fire Safety displays
  • Sparky’s Hazard House
  • Fire Prevention Week activities

When planning your public education session please keep the following in mind:

  1. Submit your request least one month in advance.
  2. Public education sessions are approximately one hour, tours are approximately 30 minutes.
  3. All participants must be at least five years of age.
  4. Each group is limited to twenty-five people and we require at least one adult per five children.  Adult supervision must be maintained throughout the visit.

Public Education Request Form

Small group station tours: For groups of four people or less, just stop by Fire Station No. 1. If the crew is available they will be happy to show you the Station.